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  1. Ghost N Goblins sounds like it was coded by a troll. I would probably smash the TV if my only reward for overcoming all those hurdles was an end screen that has a typo.

    • Back in the day a crappy misspelled text screen ending was pretty common, so we probably wouldn’t have thought much about it at the time. Always makes me appreciate modern day endings more, like when I see all those people complaining about Mass Effect 3’s ending I’m just like YOU YOUNG PUNKS, BACK IN MY DAY WE DIDN’T EVEN HAVE ENDINGS!

      • Many old games are virtually impossible to beat so I guess the developers didn’t think it was worth putting much effort to make a screen most people won’t see. Ghostbusters on the NES has a really terrible end screen too.

  2. It sure is nice having save states; a lot of these games, though not super-long, are quite demanding to play the entirety of in a single sitting. That’s not even getting into those times when a freak accident knocks out the power, causing you to lose all of your progress. That never happened to me, but I can imagine it would be exceedingly frustrating.

    • This always takes me back to Rygar. That game was so good, but so completely impossible to finish in a single sitting in a single day and with no level skipping, saves , or password system at all. All you could do was pause at bedtime and pray that no one noticed the NES was still on until you could get back to it.

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