10 comments on “Watchin’ Stuff

  1. Make sure to check out SHIN GODZILLA, the Japanese reboot (shin just means “new”) from 2016. It returns to it’s roots as a parable on nuclear disaster (pointedly, regarding the Fukashima Daiichi meltdown) and, very specifically, the governmental bureaucracy’s incapability to effectively deal with it. It’s fucking nuts, Godzilla is essentially a quickly evolving (un)natural disaster that just keeps getting more dangerous until it’s like “the US is gonna nuke all of Tokyo, we have seven days to stop Godzilla or we’re fucked”. When Godzilla reaches peak form – it’s jaw dropping. Highly recommended.

  2. OH! Make sure to watch WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS – not a Godzilla flick, but one of the best Kaiju flicks of the 60’s.

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