Review: Monument Valley 2


IMG_1921.PNGMonument Valley was an amazingly well designed little puzzle game for mobile devices back in 2014. Its use of mind-twisting M.C. Escher-style environments, combined with a really beautiful minimalist art style and impressively effective touchscreen controls, made for one of the most memorable gaming experiences on a phone. For better or worse, Monument Valley 2 is very much the same.

On the plus side, Monument Valley 2 shares all the strengths of the first one, with fun, relaxing little levels that have a kind of virtual toy puzzle box feel to them. It’s great to spin these little rooms around, trying to find all the different little movable pieces and figuring out how they all work together to form a path for you to escape through.

IMG_1924 The hardest part of writing about these games is narrowing down which beautiful screenshot to show.

Yes, the gameplay is still very solid, though also…

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