8 comments on “Night of the Emus

  1. TG16 was a blast back in the days. Lots of people had no clue of what it even was. Dungeon Explorer, Devils Crush, Alien Crush and Splatterhouse were always my favorites. Lately I found the story of Bubble Bobble 3, Parasol Stars as a hoot of a game when you get the concept.

    I did happen to play Keith Courage a couple weeks ago and it was stupidly repetitive.

    • I think everyone knew what it was, it’s just that it came out at the same time as Genesis and so when most people ended up having to choose between one or the other they picked Genesis. It tried so hard, but it could never catch up to Sega.

  2. It was much more common in Japan as the PC Engine (like the Sega Saturn). I remember failing for the Turbo Grafx when I went to E3 as a kid and saw how it looked and that you could actually get a portable system to play games on the go. I was sooo hyped.

    Nintendo and Sega dominated the States after Atari’s mess.

    • Yeah, Turbo Express looked amazing, but it was one of those things that no one ever actually had, like Neo Geo. Who the hell was gonna buy their kids a $300 portable system back then? Especially when you could get Game Gear for half that much and Game Boy for under $100.

      I imagine it probably wouldn’t have been as fun as it seemed either. Remember how fast Game Gear ate batteries? Turbo Express would probably have been even worse, so you wouldn’t have even been able to play it outside of your home anyway, and so what would be the point?

  3. I had one for a little while years ago and the screen was laughably small. Couldn’t play any shooters on them. For that price, I would have invested in a Neo Geo AES machine! Now that’s the Cadillac of systems right there!

    • I imagine there must have been some kind of rights problem since Capcom was handling all those Disney games back then, so they ended up having some obscure third party dev no ones ever heard of do it and it was a mess.

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