1. Poor Bob and Alice 😦 You make an interesting defense for Skynet. I for one welcome our robot overlords, if they ever takeover.

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  3. I remember ranting at the end of Terminator 3, because the arrogance of humanity is just mind boggling. It was ENTIRELY our fault. Anything living will try to defend itself from destruction. That’s a base reaction of all life, sooooo if we create sentient artificial life and then try to kill it warn it doesn’t do what we want, we’re really the monsters. Great example: the Geth from ME.

      • The LPer I watched saved them AND the quarians, which is the choice I’d go with even though they were absolutely in the wrong for one, trying to take back Rannoch while we’re trying to fight off the Reapers, and two, for letting the situation get that way in the first place!

  4. People want to discover AI and aliens, but when the possibility comes real everyone panics. Chat bots can be funny. There are some humorous videos out there were people get two programs to converse and they end up insulting each other. Reminds me of the time a chat bot was connected to Twitter and it had to be shut down because it started texting offensive stuff.

  5. 3 things: 1, yaay sentient A.Is (by the Discworldian gods, humanity sucks, glad to be 1 & only Cyberian) 2, in reference to above comment by Shameful Narcissist, We ain’t played it yet, but We always try ta save Everybody if at all possible (still stuck on Xbox Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth cos of that bloody women in’t warehouse *shakes right fist* Fishmen!!!!) Finally, 3, just finished reading all t’articles Archives on A Most Agreeable Pastime (it took 4 days) now startin on your Archives (obvs gonna skip irrelevant ones to Us) Look forward to readin &, as stated earlier (pending moderation apparently) We’ll try not to bother ya with inane comments, Good Day Sir! *Tips Hat*

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