12 comments on “Die, spammers, die!

  1. OMG that video….

    But yeah, I once followed them back for the sake of falsely inflating my view stats (thus making me feel better about myself), but not anymore since I no longer care about anything, haha.

  2. Baron sir (or Rich if ya prefer) as a premium lurker of many years, We can only offer you our sincerest apologies on behalf of all the bloody griefers, spammers, Nigerian princes, (literally) unbelievably sexy but pointless women, Viagra (& offshoots) & trolls you, We & the internet at large, has to friggin deal with on a seemingly endless basis (gits) but We’d just like to point out: some of us are simply invisible by choice & design (We ourselves are severely mentally unsound for example & don’t wish to bother you unduly with Our pointless & rambling utterings) We can only hope your situation gets better, &, as always, offer to brutal & crotch-punch any idiots you deem deserving of it (purely as a favour you understand, no charge!) Good Morrow to you sir! Bonsoir! *Dark Cheshire Cat Grin with Glowing Brown Eyes & Bloodstained Teeth Vanishing into Obsidian Darkness*

  3. I get spammy comments all the time. A lot of them are just stupid but a few are just…breathatkingly ridiculous. I usually cut and paste the best of the best and share them with friends just because they’re so idiotic. One of the ones I seem to get fairly regularly is about Taylor Swift, which confuses me as my site has NOTHING to do with her in ANY WAY. Just random crap, I guess.

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