Die, spammers, die!

What do you other blog-people do about followers who are apparently just spambots of some kind? I mean like my latest follower today, whose name and site I’m not going to do him the favor of mentioning, who only latched on to me so that I’d look at his site, which is a blatant spam/scam site.

Sometimes you get these strange followers who aren’t as blatant about it, who have very unusual looking sites that don’t seem to share a single common interest with you, never comment or like anything, and so most likely just followed you with assumption that it would make you follow them back and increase their follower count. Their sites seem legit though, so you never can tell, and I don’t know about you, but my ego makes me hesitate because hey, who doesn’t want some more attention and validation?

These ones that are unquestionably spammers though…it just makes me uncomfortable. As much as I’d like to have more readers, I don’t want these fucking parasites anywhere near me or my stuff. It sounds like I really already know what I need to do, go through the list and cull these assholes, but I guess I was just curious to hear what you ladies and gentlemen think about this.

Or if you don’t want to read any of this, just skip to this completely unrelated criminally underrated hidden gem of YouTube that years later, I still just can’t stop laughing at and feel compelled to push on everyone every so often:

12 thoughts on “Die, spammers, die!

  1. OMG that video….

    But yeah, I once followed them back for the sake of falsely inflating my view stats (thus making me feel better about myself), but not anymore since I no longer care about anything, haha.

  2. Baron sir (or Rich if ya prefer) as a premium lurker of many years, We can only offer you our sincerest apologies on behalf of all the bloody griefers, spammers, Nigerian princes, (literally) unbelievably sexy but pointless women, Viagra (& offshoots) & trolls you, We & the internet at large, has to friggin deal with on a seemingly endless basis (gits) but We’d just like to point out: some of us are simply invisible by choice & design (We ourselves are severely mentally unsound for example & don’t wish to bother you unduly with Our pointless & rambling utterings) We can only hope your situation gets better, &, as always, offer to brutal & crotch-punch any idiots you deem deserving of it (purely as a favour you understand, no charge!) Good Morrow to you sir! Bonsoir! *Dark Cheshire Cat Grin with Glowing Brown Eyes & Bloodstained Teeth Vanishing into Obsidian Darkness*

  3. I get spammy comments all the time. A lot of them are just stupid but a few are just…breathatkingly ridiculous. I usually cut and paste the best of the best and share them with friends just because they’re so idiotic. One of the ones I seem to get fairly regularly is about Taylor Swift, which confuses me as my site has NOTHING to do with her in ANY WAY. Just random crap, I guess.

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