Review: Sonic Mania


3098974-sonicmania00.pngIf you’re anything like me and haven’t touched a Sonic game since the Sega Genesis days, then Sonic Mania and its return to the good old days of simple, but effective side-scrolling platforming probably sounded pretty good to you too. I’ve never really played any of the later 3D Sonic games, so I don’t really know if they’re as bad as everyone says and can’t compare this to them, but I know I like good old Sonic games, and that this sure feels like one of those.

21054970_10154710006596366_9014264898305197465_o Pay attention, this is literally all the story you’re going to get right here.

Sonic Mania is mostly made up of a selection of “best of” classic levels, which are not only remastered for HD, but have also been greatly expanded and improved upon. Each level is now a massive multi-pathed labyrinth (even more so than some of them already were), yet they’re…

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One comment on “Review: Sonic Mania

  1. I got further into the Sonic series than you did. The 3D games were lambasted, but I liked them until Sonic 2006 came out. Once I played that bug filled mess my love for the character died.

    Weird that there isn’t a Spinball reference. Heck even Mean Bean Machine gets a moment. Oh well, I suppose some levels have pinball flippers.

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