10 comments on “Now Reading: Junji Ito stuff

  1. I added Gyo to my TBR list. Nothing like a good horror mystery to keep me up at night. I’ll have to check out the rest of his stuff, too. My library is pretty boss, and I should be able to find these there. I’m currently reading the first volume of Death Note from there, and the whole county system is pretty damn amazing.

  2. Nice post! These sound really interesting. I’ve seen some of the artwork from these online and they look absolutely insane in the best way possible. 😛 There’s a movie for Uzumaki I tried watching before but the DVD I had rented was all messed up so I couldn’t watch it. :/ Also, love your description of “if David Cronenberg and John Carpenter moved to Silent Hill and somehow had a baby together.” 😀

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