Now Reading: The Adventures of Gamepro

Anyone else remember these things? This was one of the reasons why Gamepro was favorite video game magazine back in the day. For the first several years they’d each include a short story of The Adventures of Gamepro, a crazy comic that was this weird mash-up of 80’s pop culture things. It was like they took Captain N, The Last Starfighter, Quantum Leap, and a bunch of concepts straight out of superhero comics, and threw them all into a blender with whatever video game rights they could get their hands on each issue.

The “video dimension” is under attack by evil shapeshifting aliens (that are totally not Skrulls), so the high council (the previous good guy rulers) decide to create their own video game on Earth as a test to find the video champion that will save them all. This guy Alex beats the game and so gets sucked into the video dimension to fight all their battles for them, which consists of him being warped into different game worlds completely at random, that he can’t leave until he solves whatever problem the Evil Darklings (that is literally their name) have caused on said world.

Most of the time he gets sucked into big, popular games like Castlevania or Ghouls n’ Ghosts, but other times they seem to just take whatever they can get, as Alex finds himself in weird, obscure places like Psycho Fox or California Games. 

At one point Alex even goes to Moonwalker and meets Michael Jackson. It’s worth noting that Michael Jackson in this was some kind of omniscient transdimensional entity that exists simultaneously in the real world and the video world for some reason. Very strange.

Anyway, it’s some really goofy stuff, but it manages to be a pretty unique little story, despite the general concept being so derivative. I still go back and read it again every few years. I used to own all the collected editions of these, but they were lost along with the rest of my childhood comic and magazine collection. Nowadays you can’t find them to buy anywhere, even on eBay. Gamepro magazine doesn’t even exist anymore. They did apparently start giving out digital copies of this whole series for free before they went under, but the site that hosted them is dead and gone too. The only way anyone is ever going to read these at this point is through homemade scans (not done by me), which I’ve provided links to below. They’re far from HD quality, but they’re readable. Issue 1 has a repeated/missing page, which I’ve tried to find a replacement for, but came up empty-handed. You can read these in CDisplay (best for desktop viewing), Comix (best for Windows touchscreen tablets), or…whatever the Mac equivalent is (I don’t know, but I know they exist), all of which are free. Enjoy.

Download Issue #1

Download Issue #2

Download Issue #3

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