Review: Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite


capcom-2-1003801.jpgMarvel vs. Capcom Infinite is finally here and if the internet is to be believed, it’s the latest Mass Effect: Andromeda-type controversy, because OMG TWO CHARACTER’S FACES LOOK WEIRD IN CUTSCENES! I admit, there really are precisely two characters who have weird faces in otherwise incredible looking cutscenes. I was so distraught when I gazed upon these two faces of questionable quality that I cried and vomited simultaneously, then called my mom and told her to take this pile of garbage back to the virtual landfill from which it sprang! Sorry, just kidding, game’s awesome.

21768667_10154800070481366_5159684307330252527_o SO FEW CHARACTERS TOO!

As I said previously, upon playing the demo, the single player campaign’s fan-fiction-ish mashing together of classic Marvel and Capcom characters repeatedly punches me right in the nostalgias. Yes, the story is incredibly cheesy and childish. It often feels much like something you would have seen in a Saturday…

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