Black Friday Haul

Got some good stuff. Held back and didn’t go as crazy as the last two years since I still haven’t even gotten around to all the stuff from those times. Also the first Xbone game I’ve bought in a few years.

Also grabbed this at great price. Maybe I’ll even watch it someday. I’ll put it right next to the dust-covered complete series’ of The Shield and Damages.

So what crazy deals did everyone else get?

7 thoughts on “Black Friday Haul

  1. I still need to play HZD, but I’ve heard nothing but good 👍🏾

    I picked up Theatrythm Curtain Call, which then you have DLCs for (ugh micro transactions…), but it’s bleeping adorable and I love it. Almost splurged in one of the Squeenix preorders, but Christmas is coming, and my in-laws are amazing with the gifts.

      1. I definitely lucked out! One year they gave each of their kids (three) and their SOs (another three) $300 a piece. The only thing I don’t like, but have gotten used to, is we all have to go around and open presents one at a time so the person opening is the center of attention. I’m used to it, but I hate being on the spot.

      2. Oh yeah my family on my side used to do it that way and we had grandparents, aunts and uncles, and various cousins, so it took forever too. These days with her family they just say “present time!” and everyone digs in like it’s an all you can eat buffet.

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