Wild World of Warcraft II

Now for some more tales of furious World of Warcraft playing. We ended up playing quite a bit during the extra downtime of the holidays, before we ended up on an extended family vacation where we’re currently doing a whole lot of nothing. Anyway…I guess I forgot to mention our characters too, eh? I used to play a rogue back in the old days, so I figured I’d try something different this time. Now I am Ralstonicus the retribution paladin, and it’s been pretty fun. I’m sort of a tank, but also with a lot of interesting crowd control, damage, and healing/protection spells.


Mrs. Fotchenstein decided to go with a shadow priest, so she’s got a lot of healing and some pretty nice damage spells. We actually make a pretty good team with these classes and builds, luckily. She also ended up spending a lot of time setting up a guild for us, all 3 of us (us 2 and the extra GM account), which we decided to fittingly name Servants of Pantha (our cat).

So…the next stop on our journey was…well, it was going to be Razorfen Downs, but apparently the internet misinformed us of the level range of that one so we overshot it by a great deal. Luckily there’s another dungeon, Razorfen Kraul, literally right across the street, so that’s where we ended up.

The imposing entrance of Razorfen Kraul

Razorfen Kraul is the ancestral home of the quilboar, obscured by thorns that grew from the corpse of the demigod Agamaggan”

I guess things didn’t work out too well for the quillboars, because this place is a decrepit maze of caverns, filled with angry undead quillboars and other such decayed abominations. A bit of the way into the place we came upon a large room with a big gong in the corner. Mrs. Fotchenstein said to me “you should ring that gong”. I couldn’t remember what this thing did, but it sounded like a dare to me, one that I didn’t think she thought I would do! So of course I immediately did it and about a dozen weird spiders rushed out and attacked us, almost killing us. We survived and she said “Ok, now will you hit it again?”, and so I did. This time a group of larger man-spider things rushed out and attacked us, almost killing us again. This time she says “are you sure you want to hit it again?”, and I say “YES!” and do it, which summons the final enemy, a giant spider monster called Tuten’kash!


He wasn’t too tough at all really. It’s much easier to deal with a single tough target than it is to be surrounded by a swarm of weaker guys. The only time we died in here was to another boss, some super skeleton guy, who had about 20 minor skeleton guys around him that swarmed the shit out of us.

Fatso zombie boss

Things went pretty smoothly after that. Lots and lots of undead to fight through and some cool looking undead bosses. The only other tricky part was an escort quest that started with a guy we found locked in a cell deep in the dungeon. Luckily we had cleared the place out before trying to start his quest so it was simple enough to get him where he needed to go, but then he started doing a little magic ritual that he needed protection during and more undead quillboars started appearing out of nowhere to attack in waves for quite a long time, with no chance to rest. We made it through though, and conquered all there was to conquer in the dreaded Razorfen Kraul. Next up, Uldaman. 

Final boss of RFK

“Uldaman is an ancient Titan vault buried deep within the Khaz Mountains. Partially excavated, it has since fallen into the hands of the Dark Iron dwarves who seek to corrupt its riches for their master, Ragnaros.”

Uldaman is pretty fun, but also kind of annoying in some ways. It’s a large place with another really complex layout that’s easy to get turned around in. There’s a pretty large variety of enemy types and bosses, so that’s good. There’s a secret boss hidden behind a door that can only be opened by finding the two halves of a staff that was clearly based on the one from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Secret boss

There are a lot of dark dwarves, trogs, various types of stone golems, and some surprisingly deadly pits of little scorpions, which ended up killing me in an unexpected ambush once. Luckily Mrs. Fotchenstein was there to save me.

I can survive 50 foot stone giants, but not some tiny scorpions…

The downside of Uldaman though is another lengthy pre-dungeon area to fight through and some really convoluted quest chains that want you to do multiple things in the pre-dungeon area, then run back and turn the quests in just so you can get the actual quests for inside the dungeon. There’s even one quest that wants you to get 3 special gems in the dungeon, all of which drop from different bosses that are all over the place, so you aren’t getting them all without doing the whole dungeon, but then when you turn it in they want you to go back and fight another boss that was in there, one that you’d have to fight your way through half or more of the whole place again to get to again. No thanks, one complete exploration of this place is quite enough for now.

Final boss of Uldaman

One other thing worth noting about Uldaman is that if you get all the way to the end you’re treated to a lengthy history lesson by a weird magic hologram type guy that reveals that some weird ancient creator race came to Azeroth and created all the life there, and that all the weird magic-tech like the stone golems and such are actually machines built by these strange beings which I guess you could call alien invaders? Very strange. My friends back in the old days of Warcraft would always rush through all these things so quickly that I never really had time to stop and read all this weird lore, so I never realized what a strange history this world has. I think I’m going to need to do some research on this because it sounds pretty interesting. I guess I should also actually play Warcraft 3 someday, as I always hear how good that was and how relevant it is to a lot of the stories in World of Warcraft. 

Well, that’s enough of the Wild World of Warcraft for now. There are more tales to tell of things we already did weeks ago, but I’m a bit behind on everything thanks to this vacation so I’ll have to talk about Zul’Farrak, Mauradon, and more next time!

The Mystery Blogger Award

The Shameless Narcissist nominated me for this award, let’s see…uh, I don’t even want to say how long ago that was. Oops. Time sure flies when you’re cranking out game reviews and other assorted ramblings non-stop, but I promised myself I’d do this this year, and so naturally I waited until the very last minute to do it…so, surprise! I did actually notice and remember, it just got a little buried under a long to-do list of things. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was going to do this either. I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but I don’t tend to talk about myself too much on here other than what new toy I’m playing with. For all my babbling, I’m a pretty private and anti-social person, and so something like this seemed as uncomfortable as going outside in the sun. I’m trying to reform my curmudgeonly image though (a little bit), and as welcoming and friendly as this community has been (I’ve only met one person I’ve wanted to punch in the face so far, which is some kind of personal record for me), and when a request like this comes from someone as respectable as The Shameless Narcissist, I could hardly refuse such an offer.


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What is the Mystery Blogger Award?

*The award was created by Okoto Enigma*

“Mystery Blogger Award”  is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.

Three Things About Me:

  1. I’m an elderly college student who is currently trying to complete a major in Computer Science. I’m almost twice as old as everyone else here because I wasted many years of my life being a depressed, drugged up nihilistic asshole and have only relatively recently finally begun to do something worthwhile with my life. I actually originally intended to get into IT, but after having straight A’s for the first 2 years or so, and after having my first programming class, I made a semi-impulsive decision to switch over to Computer Science because I wanted to learn something more unique and challenging. I may have gotten in a little over my head at first, as my perfect grade record was immediately shattered as I found the difficulty curve had increased much more than I expected. For a while I was starting to worry that I’d made a mistake and really screwed myself by changing to this field, but I kept at it until I finally got my head wrapped around it and am finally feeling confident that I can actually succeed in this field. I look forward to serving our future robot overlords well.
  2. I attribute this drastic, positive change in my life entirely to my wife, who kept on me to get off my ass and do something with myself (but wasn’t too pushy about it) and gave me the confidence, the will, and the motivation to aspire to greater things than busting my ass at ungrateful, shitty restaurant manager jobs. She is also responsible for introducing me to the strange new feeling of happiness, which has allowed me to live and enjoy my life without feeling the need to drown my misery in drugs.
  3. I have the greatest cat of all time. Her name is Pantha and she is a perfect, spoiled little princess. Don’t get me started on her because I will literally start showing you hundreds of pictures of her. I will restrain myself and only post this one for now: 

The Shameless Narcissist’s Questions:

  1. What’s your favorite kind of scented candle? Not really my thing, but if it was I’d probably use something like Mmm,  “old timber, leather, and maybe some blood…”.
  2. Do you prefer physical copies or eBooks?  In the same vein, do you prefer digital copies or physical for video games? Books I definitely prefer the real thing, but I do have a lot of digital stuff too because you just can’t have or have room for every single physical book you ever possibly wanted. I used to feel the same way about games, but the digital versions are slowly winning me over in that area with all the damn sales all the time and with so many games being digital-only these days.
  3. What’s your favorite nail polish color (yes guys can answer, too!)? Again, not really my thing. I was more into jewelry/accessories in my youth. Spiky, skully rings and chains and spikes everywhere. Good times. I’ve cut down to simply wearing all black most of the time these days. I even finally got my hair cut short recently. What a sellout.
  4. Philosophical question: Do you think humans are inherently good or are we amoral (lacking morals as in neutral, as opposed to immoral, which is against “common” morals) only exhibiting them because it’s the cost of living in a culture/society and they become so ingrained that we believe them to be inherent? People love to reduce everything to simplistic binary states where there’s only right/wrong, good/evil, us/them and everyone conveniently falls into one box or the other depending on if other people happen to agree with their personal belief system or not, but the world just isn’t that simple. People are all driven by their own inherent survival instincts and that base need we all have for companionship in one form or another, and everyone processes these needs in very different ways and at varying levels of efficiency. Our base animal impulses are like the bios that’s embedded in our hardware, and our personality is the operating system that communicates between our emotions and these base impulses, and naturally, everyone would rather this process be as basic and dumbed down as possible, and this is how we ended up with Macs! I hope this answered the question sufficiently.
  5. Silver or gold? I like silver because he had that cool mask. The one guy that gets this reference is going to think it’s hilarious. Seriously though, I prefer silver. Silver kills everything don’t you know? Vampires, werewolves, demons, babies, etc. What CAN’T you kill by shoving silver through its heart?

My best post:

Apparently my most viewed post is…Now Playing: Bloodnet (1993)? Weird. That’s a really old one from back when I didn’t think anyone at all was reading this stuff. I guess not too many other people are covering Bloodnet out there!

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My Questions for the Nominees:

(Which I’m going to go ahead and give my answers to too, because I can’t help it)

  1. What is your favorite sugary breakfast cereal and why? (I quit eating them myself, but Lucky Charms was always my favorite back in the day)
  2. Blue pill or red pill? In other words, would you want to be pulled out of the matrix to live a dirty cave in the middle of a radioactive wasteland having shitty raves, eating nothing but cave moss and bugs for life, and getting murdered by robots or would you rather stay in there and eat the tasty digital steak? (Me, I’d stay in the digital world. Why not? Looking back on it, I’m really not sure what the downside was. Seemed like everyone’s quality of life was way higher in the digital world.)
  3. Who is your favorite superhero(ine) and why? (I always liked Spider-Man the most because as ridiculous as his life is, he still had the closest to realistic problems. He’s always trying to balance his secret identity with his personal life and usually destroying the latter to preserve the former because he just cared too damn much. That and the jokes and great enemies.)
  4. What is your favorite video game specifically from your childhood and why? (Contra, easily. It never ever gets old no matter how many times I play it.)
  5. Would you like to live forever and why or why not? (Me, I say all that “immortality would be boring” is for suckers. I’d live forever and love it, preferably as some kind of Lawnmower Man style digital god, but perhaps I’ve said too much…)

Well, that’s it then. I’ve done it. Naturally, I don’t intend for anyone mentioned here to feel at all obligated to reply to this. If this isn’t your thing, I understand perfectly and hold no ill will if you don’t do one. Now, I gotta get back to my long family Christmas vacation which will likely be so uneventful that I’ll never speak of it again. Happy holidays to all you masochistic readers out there!

Watchin’ Stuff

Well, this was disappointing, though I shouldn’t really be surprised with it having been in production limbo for a decade or so. You can kind of tell that this movie was made back in 2006 or so, but they were never able to quite finish it and eventually just said fuck it, just release it. Bad characters, bad story, lots of promises to reveal the secret of the monster, but zero payoff. The death scenes were oddly bland and tame. It all just screams TV movie. They left it all open for another sequel where I would imagine they would finally answer all the damn questions this brought up, but I doubt anyone cares anymore at this point.

Wife wanted to watch a vampire movie, because she always wants to watch vampire movies, but you know why we don’t always watch vampire movies? Because there aren’t very many of them that are actually worth watching. This one was no different and there’s clearly a very good reason that you never hear about it. Turned it off after 45 minutes of absolutely nothing happening.

Wow, where did this come from? Wind River is a top notch crime thriller that feels almost like something you’d expect from Fincher or Villeneuve, but instead came from a guy whose only other directing credit is some straight to video Saw knock off that I think I tried and failed to watch on Netflix years ago. Great cast, great acting, great writing, great cinematography, this one has it all. It’s a really intense movie and I would highly recommend it to anyone that likes dark, violent thrillers. I have a feeling that we’re all going to be hearing director Taylor Sheridan’s name a lot soon.

What the fuck was this movie? It’s about an evil health clinic that’s testing chemicals on unsuspecting citizens, and these chemicals make them hallucinate and/or explode and/or have other bizarrely disgusting and impossible physical reactions. The movie just jumps around between different barely related characters in a seemingly random fashion and the plot is just all over the place. It often feels more like a stroll through a random freakshow attraction than a coherent story, and I suppose that in some masochistic way it was entertaining at times in that ridiculous way. It kind of reminded me of an early Peter Jackson film. I don’t know that I can say that I liked it, but it was certainly a unique experience. I think I’ll hold on to it just for the novelty.

Body Parts is the baffling tale of a man who receives an arm transplant from a serial killer and then finds that the arm is somehow giving him mental flashes of evil and starting to get a mind of its own. There is no supernatural reason for this, the movie just vaguely suggests that evil is genetic, and so much so that if you get a body part that’s super evil, it will still have super evil in it. The main character meets other people who received other limbs from the same person, who have also been experiencing similar side effects.

Later, it turns out that the serial killer’s head was transplanted onto another body for some reason, and he comes back and starts killing all the limb recipients and taking his limbs back because…I guess he just wants his parts back for some reason and thinks he’s going to get himself put back together? It turns out that the doctor who performed all these operations was behind it and knew that he was still alive and doing this, and was even helping him do it for unfathomable reasons. Her whole thing was that she was doing this all for the science of it and wanted to be able to use this technique to change the world and let everyone get new limbs when needed, so how does helping this serial killer undo all her work so she can put him back together help any of that?

Also, the guys new arm stops being evil when the serial killer finally dies in the end. This movie makes no fucking sense…yet I still kinda liked it. I can’t explain it. It’s so very stupid, but still mildly entertaining somehow.

I guess this is…an erotic thriller/romance? It’s another strange movie from Park Chan-Wook, Korean director of Oldboy and other fine films. As usual with Korean films it’s very strange and unpredictable. It’s hard to talk about the plot much without spoiling the many twists so let’s just say it’s about a girl from a family of thieves and conmen who infiltrates this rich household in order to groom a strange young heiress so that her uncle can marry her and get his hands on her money, but things don’t quite go as planned and nothing is as it seems. It’s a pretty fascinating story if you can handle copious amounts of pretty graphic sex scenes.

A pretty entertaining 80’s slasher. It’s kind of a stereotypical slasher, full of dumb, horny teenagers camping in some strange woods and getting stalked by a mysterious killer for no particular reason. It’s packed full of hilariously bad dialogue and catchy 80’s music, and it’s not the greatest slasher I’ve ever seen, but it embodied the essence of 80’s slasher movies well enough to be suitably entertaining.

Not quite sure how this movie got its title. It’s about a crazy lady who kills her sister and her husband so she can keep their child and raise him as her own, then fast forward 14 years or so and crazy aunt is still crazy and doing everything she can to control her nephew and keep him in her life. Things like killing a TV repair man and claiming that he tried to rape her, but then nephew walks into the scene and accidentally ends up a suspect for the questionable killing, especially when it turns out that the victim was actually gay. Then this shady detective starts investigating the murder, and he turns out to be severely homophobic, to the point where he ignores the evidence his partner digs up about the shady past of the aunt because he becomes so obsessed with taking down anyone he thinks might be gay. So the nephew ends up stuck between his psycho aunt trying to derail his life to keep him dependent and this equally psycho cop constantly accusing him of being gay and trying to pin a murder on him. Strange and kind of unpleasant movie, but surprisingly, compelling enough that I sat through the whole thing to see what would happen. It was really more of a thriller than a horror, but it was alright.

Last, but not least, we went to see The Last Jedi. Well you can firmly place us in the “love it” side of the debate. I won’t go into spoilerific details, I’ll just say that it was packed full of memorable moments, amazing looking battles, and an interesting plot that probably isn’t going to go quite how you think. It wasn’t perfect, the casino planet part was a little underwhelming and they got a little carried away with those hamster penguin things, but for the most part it was another extremely enjoyable entry in the modern Star Wars universe and I’m pretty pleased with the direction they took.

Wild World of Warcraft

Ah, the slow grind of the early days. Stabbing your way through boars and sick wolves and such for some pitiful amount of xp. It’s a bit slow in the beginning, with such simple quests and such limited abilities for your character, but it was probably necessary, as we had no idea what we were doing after almost a decade of absence from this game. It’s not terrible, having to run around doing these early solo quests, but we were both eager to get to the dungeons, as that’s where all the real action and rewards are. Also, holy shit is it slow to have to walk everywhere. Level 20, where the first dungeons and mounts are, couldn’t come fast enough.

Once we got there though, it’s been almost nothing but non-stop back-to-back dungeons. I’m not complaining, it’s just strange to look back and realize how often we’d have to resort to doing everything BUT dungeons back in the day because we couldn’t find a group or we found one and it went wrong part way through. Without the reliance on large groups of friends or random strangers, you can just dive right into the dungeon content and never really stop.

We blew through quite a few places before it occurred to me that I should take more screenshots in order to keep some kind of record of all this, so there isn’t much to show for all these early ones. I actually screwed up a bunch of the first batch of screenshots by accidentally re-binding the same button to both video and image capture. Oops. So, I’ll keep these brief this one time.

The first dungeon for the Alliance side is The Deadmines. While it was nice to finally get into a dungeon again, this one is a bit annoying in the beginning. Dungeons are typically instanced so you can’t be disturbed by other players while you’re in there and the creatures don’t ever respawn as long as one of your group is still inside, so it’s strange that this one has a massive outer area that you have to fight through to get to the actual instance entrance. It’s really long for an entrance area and it’s a bit of a maze of caverns so there was a good amount of backtracking to find the right passage to the entrance, and since those no-respawn rules don’t apply to anything outside, we had to go through the same large groups of enemies multiple times. Oh well. It was fun once we got in. Rogues, goblins, and pirates. Pirates with attack parrots. Fun times.

Final boss of Gnomer

Next on the list was Shadowfang Keep. This was one we never saw much of back in the day because it’s deep in Horde territory and very difficult for low level characters to get to without help. It’s a shame, because it’s my kind of dungeon, a dusty old mansion filled with werewolves and ghosts.

Then there are The Stockades. This was a common, popular one since it’s right inside one of the major Alliance cities. It’s not a particularly exciting one though. It’s very short and you just fight a bunch of prisoners with no real variety and no interesting bosses. Oh well.

After that was Blackfathom Deeps. This is a weird maze of ruins and caves that’s partially submerged under water. This is probably the first “real” dungeon you go to. It’s noticeably longer and broken up into different sections, each with their own different visual style and set of enemy types. You’ll come up against murlocs, nagas, giant snapping turtles, a variety of evil cultists, many more bosses than before, and there’s even a giant three headed hydra boss at the end. This is what it’s all about, that sweet, sweet dungeoning!

Herod in The Scarlet Monastery

Then there’s the infamous Gnomeregan. A strange clockwork labyrinth full of trogs, diseased gnomes, and many bizarre mechanical enemies. The quests in this one are a bit complicated, requiring you to find well-guarded terminals in a specific order to upgrade a key card level by level until it’s high enough to open the door to the last boss. The layout of this place is pretty complex and it’s easy to find yourself lost or missing the one terminal you need. Still, without having any impatient team members trying to rush things along, we were able to explore it all at a nice relaxed pace and find everything we needed. Looking back on it, we used to play with some real assholes back then, that made things not so fun sometimes. I don’t want to get into all that, I’m just glad it isn’t an issue anymore.

The last stop on this particular tour is The Scarlet Monastery. This was another semi-popular one, but also one that was pretty difficult to get to for the level range it was intended for. It’s not only in Horde territory, but it’s through a few areas that are of much higher level than you are if you’re going to this place. You’d either need an escort or just have to try to run for it and hope you survive until you get there. It’s a pretty fun place if you make it though. A lot of crazy templar types and big boss fights.

That’s all for now. I apologize for how basic this post is, I’ll make sure to have more pictures and details on adventures in individual dungeons now that this has caught up to the point where I actually realized “I should record this shit!”. Goes to show how much we’ve been playing this and how quickly we’re progressing, as we’d already shot up to the mid 30’s by this point.

Watchin’ Stuff

Randomly came upon this on Netflix. An Indian horror movie directed by Jennifer Lynch for some reason, all about some bizarrely erotic snake woman who’s seeking revenge because some white guy stole her “lover”, which is just some big normal snake that she fucks apparently. It’s…pretty damn weird. Has some decent effects, but the acting and story are both pretty awful. Interesting to see once, but I don’t know if I’d ever bother doing it again.

Another random Netflix movie. This one is about a very disturbed kid who’s obsessed with vampires and is secretly some kind of vampiric serial killer, but then meets a girl that he comes to like and becomes conflicted about his vamp lifestyle. It’s very bleak and strange and kind of feels like Let The Right One In in reverse or something. Not exactly a horror, but it can certainly be disturbing. I’d recommend it.

More of a soap opera story than a horror movie. Son comes back home to live with rich dad. Him and his new girlfriend plan to kill dad to get the inheritance. They mostly just talk about doing this and don’t do much to actually attempt it, along with more talking and scheming with other secondary characters. Gave up after almost nothing happened for the first hour.

Gave up even quicker on this one. Slow, boring, incredibly shoddy looking in both design and video quality. Ultra snoozefest. Pass.

Seeing a pattern here yet? Yep, I’m almost through the B’s. Unfortunately, I’m not having as much luck with these this week. This is another stinker that’s forgotten by everyone for very good reasons. Slow as hell, horrible acting, no good death scenes in sight. An entirely pointless movie.

This one was alright. It’s another one that was actually pretty terrible, but in a funny way. I’m not sure how much of it was intentional comedy and how much was accidental. One of the main characters talks like he’s doing a constant bad impression of Christopher Walken. I don’t know why, as this takes place in Canada. David Cronenberg also plays a weird gangster character. Anyway, if you like vampires and bad horror comedies, you might be able to enjoy this so-bad-it’s-good movie, but then again…maybe not.

This one wasn’t bad either. Not particularly scary, but it was entertaining. Three kids who are unrelated, but were all born on the same day, all turn out to be evil and start killing anyone that makes them mad. Why? I don’t know, because they were all born on the same day and that caused some astrological phenomenon that made them all evil I guess? That’s the only explanation given and it was very brief and vague. Anyway, there was something amusing about how crafty and brazenly violent these little bastards were.

Oh well, another awful one, but at least this is the last one with blood in the title. Very low budget and confusingly random. A group of “kids”, who all look like they’re about 35, get stranded on an island and stumble upon some abandoned hotel (why is there some hotel on some empty island anyway?). It’s all made up like a New Year’s Eve party and a bunch of WACKY ghostly stuff keeps happening, like…a vacuum cleaner suddenly turns on and moves down the hall by itself and the kids are harassed by…laughing bushes? I don’t know, it all just seems so random and related. They wanted to tell a ghost story but had no idea how to do so and just threw a bunch of random crap together, none of which is even remotely interesting or scary. It’s just baffling and boring.

An interesting movie. Not at all what you’d expect from a war movie. There’s no typical Hollywood heroes journey and oddly enough there’s barely a drop of blood in sight in the whole movie, though it still manages to be pretty bleak and dark most of the time anyway. Absolutely amazing visually and packed full of an impressive level of detail. The story is also a pretty non-standard narrative that doesn’t do any hand holding. It doesn’t give much at all in the way of explanations for the situation or the characters, it just dumps you right in there and lets you observe a few different groups of characters and how they try to survive a massively failed evacuation and its aftermath.