5 comments on “Oops. We “accidentally” started playing World of Warcraft again.

  1. Wow that’s a neat idea! Is it mainly for the vanilla wow experience? Doing just a 2 man server sounds very tempting, if I could find the time to do it and convince one other person to join me on my adventures. I totally agree with you, in the days up to Burning Crusade, the journey to level 60 was a blast! The thought of bending the rules to make the big raids playable with 2 is also a nice prospect.

    Sorry if I missed it in your post, but were you actually able to get this server working?

  2. I wanna play WoW again… 😦 BUT I can’t! Sigh… Interesting going the private server route. Looking forward to reading about your adventures!

  3. It’s been great, and the few glitches we have run into with quests and instance bosses (Whitemane in Scarlet Monastery comes to mind) have been fixable by gm command

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