15 comments on “Watchin’ Stuff

  1. I didn’t like Detroit as much as Zero Dark Thirty, but it was decent. I’m not annoyed that it didn’t get a best picture nod, as I enjoyed the ones that did get one more.

      • Yeah, I think that’s the inherent problem with with downer endings; oftentimes, they don’t feel conclusive. Indeed, Detroit just kind of runs out of energy with no idea how to end, and it’s a weaker effort for it. To be fair, it was based on real events, so it couldn’t really be helped. Still, I wonder if Zero Dark Thirty would’ve suffered the same fate had real-life events not forced the team’s hand? It did end in a “now what?” manner, but it did feel like a natural conclusion, and there were plenty of classic films such as Apocalypse Now that ended in similarly without feeling like the writers left several things unresolved.

  2. Nice post. 🙂 I always like reading your “Watchin’ Stuff” posts. I like the types of movies you tend to cover.
    Oddly enough, the only Purge movie I’ve seen was the third one. It wasn’t bad though, and it sounds like I didn’t miss much not seeing the first one at least. 😛

  3. Well, you certainly watched quite a few entertaining movies. I agree, Insidious is okay, but it’s certainly not as remarkable as some people make it out to be. I have yet to see the third installment of the Purge, but I agree that part 2 was even more entertaining.
    Scott Adkins has made quite a number of decent action flicks . I mean, they won’t win any awards or anything, but he has certainly made a number of fun films such as Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning and Hard Target 2. This one was okay.
    Great post! 😊

    • Thanks. Yeah I saw Ninja – Shadow of a Tear on Netflix a while back, the first time I’d seen one of his movies (at least where he isn’t playing some background character) and his fighting was crazy in that. Been looking into his other stuff lately. Hard Target 2 and many others are on the list. Never seen any of the Universal Soldier sequels either. Maybe I’ll have to check those out too.

      • Yeah he has definitely got some crazy mad martial arts skills. While not all of his movies are great, he certainly has made quite a few movies that I always like to call “mindless fun” 😊😊

  4. Looks like anime doesn’t hold the monopoly on finishing with cliffhangers. I wonder if anyone has ever tried to claim car insurance by citing the cause of accident as “God damn jaywalking iguana.”

    • I forgot to mention that after all that brief scene with the bug they get the Jeep running again and then IMMEDIATELY crash into a mud bank and get stranded again. I don’t know why they even bothered having them fix it, they only made it like 50 feet further. So ridiculous.

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