2 comments on “Wild World of Warcraft V

  1. Oh, I have been looking forward to this 🙂 I found your site not long ago and have been lurking around!

    Great story telling 😀 It sure brings me back. I can recall all the respawns at the beginning of the Dungeon, which just was proof of just how long it really took.

    I still get lost inside BRD, even with the new maps. Gosh, that Flowchart really is spot on.

    it must be magical in a way to experience the world of Azeroth in that way you are doing atm, exploring a Dungeon without being in a constant rush brought on by the group.

    • Thanks. Oh yeah, that’s one thing I don’t miss, groups who want to rush through and skip a bunch of parts, or even worse the ones where someone vital just disappears halfway through and ruins the whole run.

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