5 comments on “Watchin’ Stuff

  1. Ughh…I seriously wish I could undo reading this post. Not because I didn’t like it, but now I have to go and watch Altered Carbon. I was trying to avoid it when it made it’s first appearance in the Netflix line up….but…I guess now after reading this, I am doomed.
    Glad you enjoyed Hard Target 2 as well. Totally agree with you. For a low budget action movie it looked pretty darn good.
    I was pretty surprised at the negative backlash for Cloverfield as well. But..that seems to be a trent these days. Will probably see that one somewhere later this year.
    I saw another pretty decent horror movie on Netflix this weekend: The Ritual. It won’t win in the originality department but I quite liked it. Will have a review on that later this week 😊😊
    Great post as always 😀

      • Will start with it this week. Hopefully I can finish it by the end of this month. Would fit well in my sci/fi and horror theme month. I’m pretty sure I will go nuts for it too (actually afraid of that happening 😂😂).

  2. I actually enjoyed Cloverfield Paradox as well! I read more in to it and apparently it began as a standard sci-fi flick called The God Particle and it was going to release in theatres this April… the Netflix picked it up and they shoehorned in Cloverfield references. Either way, I dug it.

    Mother! is easily the most fucked up film I’ve ever digested in my life. The biblical parallels packed a retrospective punch and it really felt like a 2-hour panic attack.

    Altered Carbon is on my list, as is the newly added The Ritual.

    • 10 Cloverfield Lane was the same deal. A totally unrelated movie that got absorbed into the Cloverfield franchise thanks to some footage they tacked on at the end. Hopefully Netflix won’t become a dumping ground for movies that studios don’t have confidence in. That said anyone who already has a Netflix subscription isn’t losing out by watching the movie. Better that than pay a lot for a cinema ticket.

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