5 comments on “Final Fantasy – A Crystal Compendium presents Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

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  2. I loved the fact that you get more background on Sephiroth, my favorite character of all time, and it lent support to my numerous defense essays about him in showing that he wasn’t always a monster, but that there was a catalyst for his descent. I…never liked Genesis. His characterization irked me, probably because he seemed to like pressing Sephiroth’s buttons especially near the end. Seph couldn’t care less about being considered a hero (even though before his fall he did things that were honorable and heroic, even refusing to do things that would endanger his friends) and was even willing to let Gen have the title.

    I absolutely hated Aeris/Aerith’s voice actress to the point that I couldn’t finish the game. Like ABHORRED it. She sounded like a brain dead twit, and it pissed me off so much. I get that she was 17, but they made her into a ditz. I’m also one of the few people who doesn’t care about her and Zack’s romance, nor is Zack one of my favorite characters. I find him a bit annoying, too lol (god I sound like such a killjoy on your post. I’m sorry!), though I did love the fact that not even Sephiroth was immune to his puppy like charms. Both Zack and Aeris (I know it was corrected to Aerith, but I prefer the -s version) together just seems boring to me, because they’re both so good. While I’m not a Cloud/Aeris shipper either, at least he some intrigue to him whereas Zack is just the perfect everything.

    Regardless of my complaining, I’m happy they made the prequel to give us more information about what happened even if there were some things that were a bit shaky 🙂

      • If you leveled her up high enough, besides being wildly disappointed at the end of disk 1, you could teach her Great Gospel, which is apparently the greatest move even invented hehe. She was great for healing. If you didn’t like her from the get-go, then I could see how CC wouldn’t bother you. I wish I could’ve gotten through it. I’ll have to give it another try!

  3. I’m really surprised it hasn’t even made its way on PSN. Oh, well. Either it will be rereleased to ease some of the breaks between Remake volumes, or most of the story will find its way into Remake or associated media.

    The ending is beautiful though. Worth watching in both English and Japanese.

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