Final Fantasy – A Crystal Compendium presents Final Fantasy Dimensions

Surprisingly, Final Fantasy Dimensions is an actual whole RPG for your phone. By this I mean that it is a single player game with a full campaign without any weird PVP F2P mechanics or microtransactions, unlike most other Final Fantasy mobile games. It does come broken up into four chapters, the first whole game, that’s it. No need for any other purchases or endless online grinding.

No, Final Fantasy Dimensions is just a regular old Final Fantasy game, with a heavy emphasis on the old. The style in this one is very much like the original NES and SNES games and carries with it all the best and worst traits of those ancient JRPGS.

Graphically it all looks like a familiar, but nicely updated, version of those early games. If you have fond memories of Final Fantasy on NES, you’ll probably be a fan of the classic visual themes and music here. Gameplay mechanics are a big mash-up of different things from 1-6. There’s a sizable job system here, with a lot of customization options for each of your characters, and many very familiar classes to choose from, like Red Mages, Dragoons, or even those damn spoony Bards.

Combat can be done in a classic turn-based manner or with the classic active combat system. It’s all very basic, just like the old days, and actually gets quite repetitive after a while, also like the old days. How much you’ll be able to enjoy this game probably relies heavily on how much you liked those old days. If you don’t have a nostalgic itch for ancient Final Fantasy games, you’ll probably find this much too basic and repetitive to enjoy.

On the other hand, if this is your thing, you’ll be in for a real treat here as this game stretches the classic formula about as far as humanly possible, resulting in a classic JRPG experience that lasts around 50 hours or more, depending on how far you want to go in tracking down all those secrets.

One last important aspect to discuss is the story. Well, don’t expect much from the story here. Yes, it’s a very long game that takes you to a large number of locations, with a huge cast of characters, but they’re all as basic and clichéd as can be. Imagine the level of writing on an NES JRPG and you’ll know what to expect from this. There’s crystals, and there’s light and darkness, and there’s an evil empire, and blah blah blah. There’s nothing new here, you’ve heard it all before. It’s more of a tribute to all the classic games than an original story of any kind.

One thing’s for sure though, it’s all a lot of game for a mobile game. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth if you can stomach how dated it all is, and you may even have a good deal of fun while doing it! Just don’t expect any innovative new combat system or emotionally deep story here.

This is merely a small sliver of the grand universe of Final Fantasy though. For more great games in the series click the pic below, which leads to the hub of the mighty Final Fantasy – Crystal Compendium project, which is being hosted by The Well-Red Mage and is bursting with other more fine WordPress talents than I can even remember the names of. Thanks to the host for having me, and thanks to everyone else involved for being generally awesome. 

2 comments on “Final Fantasy – A Crystal Compendium presents Final Fantasy Dimensions

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  2. Daniel Flatt says:

    I’ve always wished they would collect this into a game for the 3DS or something so that more people could experience it. Clean it up, make it work on consoles: they could have something special here with just a bit of work.

    Instead they have a mobile game doomed to slowly fade into obscurity.

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