8 comments on “Watchin’ Stuff

  1. I actually thought Good Time was one of the better films from 2017. Sure, the main character was totally unlikable, but I’ve seen worse leads the author actually wanted us to actually sympathize with.

    Three Billboards was a solid film. Admittedly, I wasn’t sure what to think of it at first, but it really was one of the better films from that year. Not my favorite, but highly recommended.

    I haven’t seen Mother!, but I did see Black Swan, which was a really good film. Certainly one of the finest efforts of that year.

    Black Panther was amazing. Definitely worth a watch even for those who aren’t necessarily Marvel fans.

      • What I meant was is that there were far more unlikable characters in other works the author actually wanted us to find sympathetic. I don’t think Pattinson’s character was meant to be likable at all, but it’s way ahead of those works because the narrative actually acknowledges that he’s meant to be an unlikable scumbag and rolls with it. Granted, you have to be careful if you’re doing that too, as it makes it difficult to care. Fortunately, in this case, I was interested in seeing how it was going to pan out even if I wasn’t rooting for him at all.

      • Sure, it was definitely a more realistic portrayal of a small-time criminal than the usual semi-glamorized versions, but I guess that was the problem for me. It was all just so realistically scummy that it crossed the line from fascinating train wreck to revulsion for me.

        One of those movies like Kids, where it was certainly an experience, but man, I would never want to see it again.

  2. Nice! So glad to see you also enjoyed The Ritual. Is was a surprise for me at least as this film pretty much came from nowhere.
    Well..Hellraiser I am still going to want to see (as I have seen them all so far, it’s kind of like Pokemon, gotta catch them all). But my expectations for that one weren’t really high in the firs place, so this really is not a very huge surprise in the first place.
    As for Black Panther…it was awesome. A much better movie than I expected it to be. I loved Wakanda, the costumes and the story. It was a highly entertaining movie that I enjoyed from start to finish 😊😊

  3. I’m so mad I haven’t gotten to see Black Panther yet. lol
    I even went to the movies recently, but it was for a different movie (Game Night). Hopefully soon, though. I’m glad to hear you thought it was so good, and that the characters were so well done. Especially the villain. Gotta love a good villain. 😀

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