4 comments on “Watchin’ Stuff

  1. haha..wow these sound like a couple of really crappy films of the horror pile (but glad you enjoyed the Creatures of the Abyss though…always nice to discover something that’s so bad that it becomes good 😂😂😂).
    Only the brave gathered a lot of positive buzz around it, really looking forward to seeing that one 😊 Malice was quite all right too..really enjoyed that one 😊😊

  2. I saw Only the Brave in theaters. I ended up being taken aback by the ending because though the incident made national news, I wasn’t in the country when it occurred. It wasn’t until I saw this movie that I would learn of the tragedy. It’s a really good film; it’s a shame it didn’t get more publicity.

  3. Haha Creatures From the Abyss sounds hilarious!
    I’ll admit, I enjoyed The Shallows, but not in a way that would ever have me telling other people they should watch it. For some reason, bad shark movies are just my go-to guilty pleasure. Hence why I’ve seen Deep Blue Sea more times than any one person should. 😛

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