Watchin’ Stuff #35


Anyway, shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone what the movie of the week is this time. It’s not a perfect movie, it sacrifices almost all complex character relations and development (with a few brief exceptions) in order to pack in maximum action and fan service, BUT…it sure does a hell of a job at both of those.

You can’t help love seeing all these characters meeting and teaming up for the first time and even if you’re familiar with the original story this is based on, there are still some pretty good surprises in store.

The battles are just mind-meltingly creative and gorgeous. Dr. Strange vs. Thanos was probably my favorite bit, as they both unleash some truly amazing attacks on each other.

Really the only bad part is going to be the long, long wait for the second half of the story, but I’ll take some comfort in knowing that this was only the beginning and things can only get even more insane in part 2.

It’s one of those ones I loved as a kid, but then quickly forgot it even existed. Found myself struck with the sudden urge to see it again, though I assumed that it would turn out like most other forgotten early 90’s movies and be terrible upon revisiting. I was surprised to see that it actually holds up really well and was still a lot of fun. The late, great John Ritter plays a guy with a TV addiction who gets tricked into a deal with the devil that results in him and his wife being sucked into a living world of ridiculous television shows. There are a lot of jokes at the expense of the pop culture of the time period and it’s just a lot of fun in general.

An obscure cop drama from the 80’s, Cop features good old James Wood as a detective that’s maybe a bit too enthusiastic about his job. He’s not a dirty cop, but he does tend to take a few liberties when he’s trying to catch a criminal. He really likes to break into people’s houses and search them when they’re not home, for example. It’s very gritty and a bit unrealistic in that special 80’s way, but for an over the top 80’s cop drama it works pretty well.

The cover to The House Where Death Lives a.k.a. Delusion sure looks familiar. You know why if you’ve seen Evil Dead 2. Funny thing though, this stolen creature effect doesn’t even appear in this movie. In fact, there’s no creatures or supernatural activity of any kind in this movie. It’s just a generic murder mystery with an extremely misleading cover. Oh yeah, movie? Well fuck you! Two thumbs down!

La Maschera Del Demonio, a.k.a. The Mask of the Demon, a.k.a. Demons 5, actually has nothing at all to do with the Demons series, despite being directed by Demons 1-2 director Lamberto Bava. Demons was just one of those weird Italian horror series that had a bunch of unrelated movies that claimed to be sequels to it despite there being no connection at all, or even any similarity of any kind most of the time. There are something like 7 unofficial sequels last I checked.

This one isn’t even about a demon. It’s actually a remake of a movie of the same name that was originally done by Mario Bava and it should really be called Mask of the Witch, but whatever. It’s about a group of young people who stumble onto a hidden arctic cave and find a weird corpse with a weird mask attached to its face. Naturally, one of the dumb kids takes the mask off and trouble ensues, trouble of a very confusing and surreal nature. It’s definitely got some pacing issues and the middle chunk of the movie can be a bit boring, but it somewhat redeems itself by getting really crazy in the final act. The ending in particular was very strange and unexpected.

It’s far from Lamberto Bava’s best work, but it’s certainly an interesting piece of retro Italian horror.

A crime thriller from Christopher Smith, director of such interesting films as Triangle, Creep, and Black DeathDetour, unfortunately, is not any of those movies. It relies a bit too heavily on its twist (It’s really not even a twist, more like a narrative deception), which involves the idea that you’re being presented with two alternate versions of the story based on a key choice the main character makes early on. It becomes clear what’s going on too soon and so it’s all a bit too predictable. It’s still an alright thriller underneath all the tricks, but it’s far from being a must-watch movie.

A miserable wild west drama where a bunch of people mostly just sit around agonizing about how terrible everything is. Great cast, great looking locations, and yet it’s all so boring. I like bleak movies and all, but I still need something to actually happen. One brief violent battle per hour isn’t enough to make everything in between worthwhile. Everyone literally just sits around having very slow, miserable discussions and always seeming to speak in nearly inaudible whispers. I don’t know, I just didn’t have the patience for it. DNF.

This week’s frenchy horror film is Livide a.k.a. Livid. This wasn’t as brutally graphic as many other famous French horror movies, but it makes up for it with a uniquely bizarre plot. In what seems to be a very cliched opening premise, three youths decide to break into the creepy old house of a creepy old woman because they heard there was hidden treasure there. It’s also Halloween night, because of course it is. Of course things go wrong, but in some very strange and unexpected ways. It seems that the old woman is some kind of undead creature that likes to kidnap young girls and have them stuffed and mounted and might have maybe had her dead daughter converted into a stuffed clockwork dancing girl, among other things. It’s got a long, slow build-up, but things become interesting enough that it feels worth it in the end, though I have to admit, I still don’t entirely understand what that final scene meant…

Did you know the vampire guy from Vampires used to be an action movie star? Well, now you do. Excessive Force isn’t just a dramatic name in this case, the main character here has a serious problem with assaulting and abusing criminals. Sure, the criminals are actually guilty, but the guy just makes his own life harder by ruining cases by coercing confessions out of suspects through violence and such. A fact that certain parties use against him to set him up in a nasty criminal conspiracy that forces him to become even more violent to survive. It’s another silly over-the-top early 90’s action movie, and it can’t stand up to the superior Schwarzeneggers, Stallones, and Van Dammes of the same time period, but it was decently entertaining for what it was.

Finally, Westworld season 2 has premiered. Looks like things are going to be very different than the first season. Not much left in the way of wild west drama, because now all the hosts are on the loose in and outside of the park, causing trouble and continuing to evolve. Supposedly the show might visit the fable “Eastworld” at some point, and it seems possible that events may even eventually take us away from the island, back to “the real world”, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

One comment on “Watchin’ Stuff #35

  1. ignitedmoth says:

    Stay Tuned was a good one. 🙂 It’s been a good while since I’ve seen it, so I’m glad to hear it holds up well.
    And yay, Infinity War! Can’t wait for the next installment. Like you said, things are going to get pretty crazy! 😀

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