6 comments on “Night of the Emus #17

  1. Yeah, the Simpsons definitely did it right with the arcade game. Vs the space mutants could have been better. Thanks for your reviews.

  2. A little part of me glows when I hear folks mention Valis, as I rented it once when I was a kid and loved it but completely forgot it existed until getting to know some other gamers and thir blogs. I remember really enjoying, though!

    Never hears of Dragon Power, but can honestly only remember Bart vs.’ first level and I don’t think I ever got past that, haha. I also remember Bart vs. The World being pretty tough, too, so my memory of The Simpsons on the NES is not super fond.

    Awesome rundowns on these games!

  3. I played Valis 3 on an emulator years ago and enjoyed it. A modern Valis game would be cool. Who knows if that will ever happen though. The last Valis title that came out was an erotic visual novel.

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