5 comments on “Watchin’ Stuff #37

  1. I’m glad someone appreciated Doom Asylum as mush as I do!! Been curious about Destroyer for a while now, but it seems clear it’s one of those 80’s movies with a cool cover but not much more than that? checked out a great 1983 movie called ‘Raiders of Atlantis’ on VHS last night, a true hidden gem of an action flick/SciFi/horror/ adventure mash up, not a dull moment. You ever heard of it?

  2. Wow, I had no idea that Tremors was still going. I liked the original Deadpool more than the sequel, but I have only watched it once. Maybe if I rewatched it I would notice the weaknesses you mention. On the plus side the increased budget of Deadpool 2 allowed the studio to fix the final villain (who was butchered in X-Men 3.)

  3. Oof, that Tremors movie sounds rough. I’d seen recently that there was going to be a Tremors tv show with Kevin Bacon in it, but I think it may have gotten canceled.
    Deadpool 2 was a lot of fun. Glad it didn’t end up being a disappointment. 🙂

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