To Conan or not to Conan? That is the question…

Look this Conan Exiles trailer:

Does that not look tempting? I played Age of Conan right when it came out for a while and it was pretty fun aside from the insanely bad class balance in PVP. Apparently you can play this on non-PVP servers or even play it completely offline, so I could just cut that part right out if I wanted to. There’s just something so fun and interesting looking about it. Really the only reason for me not to do it is that it will probably involve investing a ridiculous amount of time and I’m still so behind and trying to catch up on all the big ones from last year still.

What do you think? Have you played this on PC already? Do you plan to play it on console when it releases? Should I say fuck it and dive right in or turn my back on Conan and never look back?