3 comments on “Console Challenge Day 4: Top 7 best NES games! (Alternate obscure game version!)

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  2. Yes! Rygar getting some love! I absolutely loved that game as a kid. That and blaster master. I need to try a bunch of the games on your list as I remember having them but not really getting too far as I had too many games. Nice write up!

  3. I think some games should be replaced with older ones from 91+. I would replace something with Zen Ninja. Not sure about how obscure Bucky o Hare, but it also good for the top.
    I would not pick Metal Storm. Because it’s great technically, but level design is far from best. I would replace Metal Storm with Mitsume ga Tooru. I think it’s quite obscured? And it’s also technically good but levels are much better made than Metal Storm. Also other technically awesome game is Little Samson, and I think it’s also not popular like all later games. But I also find Little Samson to be a bit boring. So I would pick Mitsume ga Tooru against it as well.
    The Guardian Legend on the 1st place totally agree. It’s also deserves to be in top 10 NES games overal.

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