Console Challenge Day 4: Top 7 best NES games!

The Well-Red Mage

I bought one of the first Nintendo systems and brought that home, and we were playing ‘Legend of Zelda’ at the time, and it was addicting, and I was playing it for hours and hours and hours.
-Robin Williams

It’s Day 4 of our Console Challenge, NPCs, and today is going to be a real treat.

When I first began recruiting for participants for this month-long event, reaching out to those I personally felt were best suited to the consoles which remained after our team of mages had their lion’s share, I decided to contact the renown Richenbaum Fotchenstein (Duke a la Von Mister… just kidding, I made that up). Richenbaum’s first response after looking over the roster was “Has nobody really picked the NES yet?” That was when I knew this person had to be a part of this project.

The NES is one of the most influential home…

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One comment on “Console Challenge Day 4: Top 7 best NES games!

  1. Contra is my fave game on the NES too. There was a time when I could complete it without the infamous Konami code. I don’t think I could manage that feat now.

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