Now Playing: Gnog (PSVR)

I always thought that this one looked vaguely interesting, but never quite got around to trying out the demo for some reason. Instead I just kind of randomly impulse bought it for a few bucks on a recent sale, because why the hell not? It seems that luck was on my side this time, because this game was pretty great.

Gnog is a puzzle box game, much like the more recent PSVR game Statik. I’d say that the puzzles here are a little simpler than those in Statik and rely a bit more on fiddling than logic, but to compensate for that, Gnog has put a lot more effort into the visual and audio presentation of each box.

As usual with VR games, pictures and 2D video can’t really fully convey how impressive these puzzle boxes look in action. They’re these amazing looking designs that are covered with mysterious knobs, switches, and levers and there’s often little to no information given regarding how to proceed. You just have to jump in and start fiddling around, figuring out each little mechanism works, opening more and more hidden compartments filled with more fascinating mechanisms until you finally solve the thing.

The puzzles themselves may not be that hard to decipher, but the level of intricacy of these little boxes made up of puzzles within puzzles within puzzles is truly impressive, especially when you’re seeing every little beautifully animated detail in full 3D right before your eyes.

Each box is like a fancy virtual toy for you to play with and they’re all accompanied by suitably whimsical music that goes with each weird theme, such as a spaceship, a giant frog head, an apartment complex being infiltrated by a thief, and several more.

Naturally, being a low-priced puzzle VR game, it’s a very short one. It’ll only keep you busy for 2-3 hours or so, but man is it a fun 2-3 hours. I’d say it’s an absolute must-have for anyone who likes VR and puzzle games, and if they ever make a sequel I’ll have to check it out much quicker next time.

3 comments on “Now Playing: Gnog (PSVR)

  1. Thanks for this – its been on my radar for a while and now I can take the plunge 🙂

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