5 comments on “Watchin’ Stuff #42

  1. Ugh…I can get seriously annoyed by people like that as well. Don’t go to a movie theatre if you are more interested in your phone than watching the film. Ugggh. Did not know that there was going to be a part 3 of Sicario by the way.
    Cool to see the Runaway film in here. It’s one of those films that really stuck with me, and was pretty awesome at the time 😊😊

  2. Luke Cage’s finale blew me away. The rest of the season was okay but not as enjoyable as the first one IMO but I loved the character development that Shades had and Mariah and Bushmaker were both amazing too.

  3. Runaway is always a great solution to the blah movie blues! Still gotta watch Luke Cage, I’m not into how long the Marvel shows seem, they tend to drag a bit, I feel like they should keep them around 6-8 episodes…still haven’t watched JJ, Luke or Punisher, so I guess I must not be too enthused these days anymore with the TV shows…

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