Watchin’ Stuff #42

Movie of the week this week goes to Sicario 2. Another fine Taylor Sheridan-written film, directed by Stefano Sollima, the incredibly talented Italian director behind Suburra. Unsurprisingly, it’s a very dark and brutal film, the kind that isn’t going to be putting any smiles on any faces. My only complaint is that I didn’t realize this was one of those “part 1 of 2” deals. Ends incredibly abruptly and we’ll just have to wait for Sicario 3 to come out, whenever that is, to see how the story ends.

Well, that and the fact that people and their phones in theaters are starting to drive me fucking nuts. I had to snap (in both the physical and verbal senses) at some guy who wouldn’t stop messing with his phone next to my wife. Usually if someone whips out their phone briefly I let it slide and just sit there being silently annoyed, but this guy did it 4 or 5 times and I couldn’t take it any more. I swear I’m gonna start walking out to find someone to eject these assholes if I have to (if they’ll even do that. Probably won’t.), because I can’t take this shit anymore. Hmph.

I don’t know, this kind of seemed like the new It Follows to me. It relies entirely on its gimmick, yet doesn’t ever really do anything interesting with it. Just a lot of cliches, incredibly stupid decisions from characters, and some flat out bad writing. We have the painfully stupid child character who almost gets everyone killed for no good reason, a family who has apparently willingly decided against all reason to have a baby in a world where any noise can result in almost instant death, and they even introduce the concept of white noise masking other sounds from the creatures, something that would seem to be the solution to THE ENTIRE WORLD’S SITUATION, but no, they just use this knowledge to entertain themselves. I just don’t see the appeal to any of it. Turned it off out of boredom and annoyance before it ended.

Another snoozer. Horribly paced and thematically confused, Tau wants to be a sci-fi survival horror, but also a heart-warming tale of a girl befriending a naive AI at the same time, and never does a very good job at either. DNF.

Nooooo! Another lukewarm NetFlix thriller. Calibre tells the tale of two guys who get into a sticky situation with the population of a small town out in the middle of nowhere (I won’t say specifically how because that’s about the only surprise in the whole movie) except the whole thing is unquestionably entirely their fault and they completely deserve whatever they get so there’s not really any sympathy or suspense involved in any of it, and it all plays out almost exactly how you would expect it to.

After those last 3 I needed to watch something I KNEW would be good, so I dusted off this forgotten 80’s classic. Runaway is an early Michael Crichton movie that deals with a special branch of the police that deals with malfunctioning robots, which all seemed so plausible and high-tech back in 1984. Naturally, they stumble onto a greater conspiracy along the way, one that involves Gene Simmons as some kind of mad scientist who wants to sell future weapons and killer robots to terrorists. It’s a little silly, but it’s still a fun movie after all these years.

My lust for 80’s robots was not yet satisfied, so I busted out another forgotten 80’s classic. Deadly Friend is really basically just Bride of Frankenstein set in the 80’s and it’s an utterly ridiculous movie that makes almost no sense at all, but I just never get tired of it anyway. It has an ending that always really stuck with me too, again, despite it making no sense whatsoever. It’s a must see for fans of 80’s horror.

Preacher season 3 has begun. The premiere was actually a bit restrained for this series. Still entertaining, but not particularly strange compared to many of the previous episodes. I’m sure things are about to start getting crazy again though and I’m looking forward to seeing how this new version of the Angelville story plays out.

Finally got around to starting Luke Cage season 2, but still haven’t finished it all yet. It’s good so far, though Luke Cage himself is a little annoying in how stupid he’s acting to keep the plot advancing. I know he’s usually not the biggest thinker in the superhero crowd, but damn. On the plus side, the heavy presence of great supporting characters and villains keeps things interesting. It feels like Misty Knight has almost been getting more screen time than Luke Cage, and that’s actually fine by me.

5 comments on “Watchin’ Stuff #42

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Ugh…I can get seriously annoyed by people like that as well. Don’t go to a movie theatre if you are more interested in your phone than watching the film. Ugggh. Did not know that there was going to be a part 3 of Sicario by the way.
    Cool to see the Runaway film in here. It’s one of those films that really stuck with me, and was pretty awesome at the time 😊😊

  2. Luke Cage’s finale blew me away. The rest of the season was okay but not as enjoyable as the first one IMO but I loved the character development that Shades had and Mariah and Bushmaker were both amazing too.

  3. Peter Saturday says:

    Runaway is always a great solution to the blah movie blues! Still gotta watch Luke Cage, I’m not into how long the Marvel shows seem, they tend to drag a bit, I feel like they should keep them around 6-8 episodes…still haven’t watched JJ, Luke or Punisher, so I guess I must not be too enthused these days anymore with the TV shows…

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