Watchin’ Stuff #44

Surprisingly, I had never seen this one before. I remember hearing about it back in the day, but I just thought “eh, a drama about some wrestler guy? who cares?”. I didn’t realize it was a Darren Aronofsky film at the time, or I’d probably have seen it back then. Now that I’ve finally seen it, I can sure see what all the fuss was about.

As usual with an Aronofsky film, things are incredibly bleak and depressing. Mickey Rourke’s character is just so miserable and his life just keeps getting worse and worse. It’s a real emotional roller coaster that really makes you feel for the character even though he’s done all this to himself.

I have to admit, even though I don’t have any interesting in pro wrestling anymore it was pretty fascinating to see all the weird stuff that happens behind the scenes in the wrestling world, especially all the damage that no one seems to realize that these guys are all doing to themselves.

Hell of an ending too. Another highly recommended Aronofsky film that, if you can handle the depressing nature, most people would probably appreciate even if they’re not into wrestling at all.

It suddenly occurred to me that I couldn’t remember if I’d actually seen this movie or if the one I saw was the 90’s remake. I KNOW I’ve seen the 90’s remake, but had I seen it and thought that was the original one all this time? I couldn’t remember, and after watching this now I’m still not sure. All I really remember was the ending and I’m pretty sure the remake had pretty much the same ending.

Anyway, it’s a decently fun stupid movie about killer fish. This original one was directed by Joe Dante, and it’s far from his best work, but it’s pretty amusing for what it is, though it’s not always clear how much of that hilarity is intentional or not.

Figured I’d watch the sequel too, because why not? Hard to believe that this thing was directed by James Cameron. If Lance Henriksen wasn’t in this I’d swear it was a redubbed Italian film. I don’t know if that feeling was intentional or not, but it’s effective enough in its blood, trashy way. Again, very stupid, but still a lot of fun.

With all the hype about the Glass trailer I figured I better finally check this one out. I keep hearing such good things about it, but I lost all interest in Shyamalan after Signs (I don’t care how cool the aliens looked, that movie was beyond idiotic). Anyway, it wasn’t bad at all. Definitely has some flaws, but McAvoy‘s performance was great and there were a few scenes that were so powerful and/or disturbing that they were hard to forget. Not excited enough that I’m going to go see Glass in the theater or anything, but I’ll check it out when the home version comes out.

Should have known better about a movie with Roger Corman‘s name on it, but there have been one or two things he was attached to that were entertaining in a certain terrible way. This one’s just plain terrible though. Acting, story, effects, sets, the creature, all just painfully awful. Only made it about halfway through before turning it off in disgust.

Another modern mainstream horror snoozer. This is basically just a poor man’s watered down version of Final Destination. Awful, unsympathetic characters who don’t even have the decency to die in interesting ways. I don’t know who the audience is for movies like this. It’s not scary, it’s not dramatic, it does absolutely nothing new or interesting in terms of effects. What’s the point? Almost made it through the whole thing, but just got too bored.

The easiest way to sum up Timebomb is to say that it’s basically The Bourne Identity 20 years before The Bourne Identity came out. Why has no one ever heard of it then? Well, because it’s fucking terrible, that’s why. It’s nothing but a bunch of bad acting with occasional bursts of equally bad action scenes. Michael Biehn’s performance is surprisingly embarrassing. Another one I couldn’t even make it half way through.

Also the long-awaited Castle Rock had a three episode premiere this week. It’s a decent show. Not as mind-blowing as I was expecting. Interesting plot and a good cast and all, but man it’s slow-moving. Somehow I expected it to be more horror than it was too. It’s pretty restrained and feels more like a drama most of the time, though it does a good job of that at least. Good enough that I’ll keep watching, and I expect that things will get more “spooky” once things really start going wrong.

11 comments on “Watchin’ Stuff #44

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Well, you have watched a couple of truly fun movies. The wrestler was amazing, and I still feel that Mickey Rourke was absolutely robbed of this Oscar. He really should have won as the entire role was simply put an amazing tour de force.
    I really liked the campy Piranha movies (although admittedly the second one where they started to fly was really off the charts).
    Amazingly I have heard of Timebomb, I own it on dvd, and even more amazingly is that I even enjoyed it (yes I can be weird sometimes no question about it lol).
    And then of course there is Split. Agree, it does have it’s flaws, but overall it’s a solid movie, and I really can’t wait to see the Glass movie. Hopefully it will be good 😀

  2. Ooooh I DO like the Piranha films. Everything in them is so silly and cheesy, but they’re very much a product of their time. The second one was just batshit insane.

  3. ignitedmoth says:

    Haha I have to agree about Signs. Once you learn the aliens’ weakness it’s like “Then why in the hell did they come HERE?!” They’re smart enough to be able to travel to other planets, but not smart enough to see the very obvious flaw in their own plan? Plus, ya know, humidity. 😛 Definitely lots of unintentional silliness in that film.

  4. Peter Saturday says:

    Have you given M. Night’s “The Visit” watch? I thought it was pretty awesome, and def has one a shock moment unlike anything I’ve seen in a horror movie! Night’s on a roll these days!

  5. Lucius P. Merriweather says:

    The Wrestler – what an awesome film. And that comes from someone with zero interest in wrestling! What an ending.

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