Wild World of Warcraft VI

AHA! You thought I’d forgotten about these, didn’t you? Well, I didn’t! Wife’s just been a bit busy lately (for the last…5 months?), so we just couldn’t seem to find the time to continue this adventure…until now.

I was already close to hitting level 60 on old Ralstonicus and I had brought my new level 60 gear set along with me. Grand Marshall’s something or other. Yes, I totally cheated and bought it from some PVP vendor with ill-gotten honor points (since there is no actual PVP in this lonely little private server)! Why not? I always wanted one of those fancy suits. It’s just gonna become outdated the second we leave for Outland anyway, right?

So, next in line on the Warcraft world tour was Lower Blackrock Spire. We set out to tackle only the lower part of the spire, thinking we’d handle the upper part next time. It’s been so long since we’ve been to these places that we had mistakenly thought that they were two separate instances. Many hours later we thought “boy that place was long” and it turned out we had done both Lower and Upper Blackrock Spire!

Another large, maze-like place with a lot of bosses. Big surprise there. The lower section starts off with a lot of angry Blackrock orcs and then splits off into two separate lairs, one full of trolls, the other full of ogres, before it leads up to the upper area. There was also a section full of Firebrand orcs down by the lava, which seemed to be a bit broken. Guys were casting fire damage debuffs on us and then throwing some nasty damage over time flame spells on top of that, which ended up suddenly activating and hitting us for 10 or 20 thousand damage (we have less than 2000 hp each). Pretty sure that wasn’t supposed to be doing that. Guess that’s the price you have to sometimes pay for using a weird hacked private server. We were able to get through the area by just being more careful and making sure to keep the guys doing that particular spell stunned constantly.

There were also a few things we ended up having to run all the way back to the beginning for, as we missed an important quest guy that was hiding in a corner up a poorly lit ramp that didn’t look like it could be climbed. Then it turned out this guy wanted 3 special gems that we’d found on bosses…except we only had 2 gems. Turns out we also missed picking up a stick way back in the beginning that needed to be combined with a head to summon a hidden boss who had the 3rd gem.

As usual, when we were done it also turned out that several of the quests we’d done in there led to more quests that wanted us to go right back in there to kill a bunch of bosses we’d already killed. Oh well.

Anyway though…we found our way into Upper Blackrock Spire without even knowing that’s where we were, but damned if that big room full of dragon eggs didn’t look familiar. Guess I’d been up here at some point many, many years ago. I didn’t remember much else about it though, especially not that it was supposed to be a 10-man raid area.

We fought our way through another deadly arena which was capped off by a crazy boss fight against an orc so metal that he came riding in on a dragon to beat on us. We slapped him off there and showed him who was boss.

Also ran into this nasty fellow, The Beast, hiding in a cave and looking sinister with his skull emblem on his health bar. Wife thought he would eat us, but he wasn’t bad at all (nothing’s all that bad when all the elite enemies are dropped down to 30% power or whatever it is).

Actually we finally did have trouble with one boss though. General Drakkisath all the way at the end of the place was pretty nasty and actually killed us a few times before we could finish him off, and even then we had to do a couple suicide runs just to get rid of the two friends he keeps nearby because they were all just too nasty to fight all at once with just the two of us (this was supposed to be a 10-man fight after all. Not that we even knew that at the time). The guy has a nasty move that removes control of your character from you for an uncomfortably long time and makes you lash out in a frenzy at your teammates and yourself until it wears off. Fun times.

After a much longer than intended session we finally cleared that place out though. There are still many more things to be conquered in the original continents. Looks like Stratholme will be up next. It may take a while to get around to that again, but hopefully not five months this time. We shall see…

2 comments on “Wild World of Warcraft VI

  1. Stratholme was one of my favourite instances, simply due to the significance it has in the overall lore.

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