7 comments on “Watchin’ Stuff #46

  1. The original Universal Soldier was definitely a fun movie. Of course not a masterpiece, but decent enough, and one I quite enjoyed. As for the upcoming two sequels…well…you would be surprised after seeing this horrible sequel, that they are actually quite decent. They are very dark…which is how I usually like my movies 😊😊

  2. I’m real big on Spookies! A YouTube highlight for me was talking to the puppet guy😂. Anyway, the story goes that this started as a completely different movie, was never finished, and the producers essentially salvaged the footage and brought in another director who wrote the whole sorcerer bit, which kinda explains how disjointed the movie is. I love it – it’s sooo fucking weird!

  3. I love the Spookies, if just for it’s 80’s cheez and the cool monsters! Just found a VHS copy of it yesterday..

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