Now Playing: Slime-San Superslime Edition (Switch)

Slime-San is, to put it bluntly, yet another Super Meat Boy clone. I almost didn’t bother to check it out because I’ve played several of these already this year and to be honest the visual style didn’t really reach out and grab me. As you all know, I’m more of an NES guy and this game looked to be aiming for a style resembling something like the color-limited ZX Spectrum or other weird old pre-NES systems. I kept hearing such good things about it though and when it popped up on Switch for 50% off I figured I might as well give it a shot!

Turns out it actually is quite good. While the core mechanics of ultra-hard platforming with optional collectibles on each screen that make things even harder are still the same, Slime-San sets itself apart with its interesting movement mechanics. Slime-San can jump off of walls and slide down them much like other similar games, but he also has a multi-directional dash move and a slow-motion power that’s combined with the ability to pass through green obstacles and creatures while its active.

As you can imagine, this leads to some pretty tricky platforming, as you’ll have to do things like jump onto one side of a green column hanging from the ceiling, phase jump through it to the other side, then un-phase and dash back to grab onto the other side, or there’s the old jump up through something while phased then un-phase to land on it, bounce off it and phase up through another object only to un-phase and land again, and so on. You’ll typically have to be performing all these actions while the platforms are moving or enemies/projectiles are flying towards you or other such nasty hazards. Oh, and you have a time limit too. Each screen has a countdown bar that ends with the screen filling with fatal red juice from any given direction, so you better hurry your ass up!

Hope you like this kind of thing because you’ll be doing it for 100 whole levels, each consisting of an average of four tough screens each! That’s actually just the beginning of the madness too. If you should happen to make your way through all 100, the game kindly informs you that you need all 400 collectible apples and all 100 speedrun trophies if you want to access the special level 101. I had been focusing on the apples and hadn’t gotten any of the trophies (you can’t really do both at the same time), so I said what the hell and jumped right back into doing all 100 levels again, trying to beat the speedrun time to get those trophies. Some were a little tricky, but overall they weren’t that bad. It’s pretty easy to run through the levels very quickly when you’re not trying to grab those apples, at least most of the time. Level 99 was extremely difficult to get the trophy for. Easily the hardest thing I did in the whole game.

Eventually I made it all through again and was rewarded with access to level 101 which is a super long, super difficult challenge level that doesn’t really give you anything for beating it except bragging rights I guess. I did it anyway though because the game was fun and fresh enough to keep me coming back that much even without any in-game rewards for most of it.

That’s still not all there is to do in this game either though. The Superslime Edition also includes the Blackbird’s Kraken and Sheeple’s Sequel expansions, each adding another 25 levels full of new mechanics and characters, adding a whole new set of challenges to the mix. These also have their own sets of optional collectibles and speed trophies, though there didn’t seem to be any special levels to unlock by getting them all.

That’s STILL not all! You can also play the New Game+ of each campaign, which offers new versions of ALL the levels, as well as other optional modes like Boss Rush and a Speedrun mode that times your playthrough of an entire campaign. There might be even more in there too, but I had already checked out after finishing the two expansions because holy crap I like this game and all, but enough is enough already! I’ve already dumped something like 25 hours into Slime-San and that’s plenty for now.

So yes, Slime-San is indeed a worthy competitor to other hardcore platformers such as Super Meat Boy, The End is Nigh, and Celeste. One that also comes with an absolutely ridiculous amount of content and some challenges that, while still quite difficult, didn’t ever feel as sadistic as the nastiest challenges in The End is Nigh or Celeste. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re into these kinds of games.

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