7 comments on “Watchin’ Stuff #50 XL SPOOKUMS Edition

  1. Well, you already know my thoughts on Hold the Dark😊
    It was fun to see you revisit all the friday the 13 th movies (well almost all of them, so look forward to the continuation of them😊). It’s one of those truly guilty pleasures that every once in a while I revisit myself too. There is this great book about the entire franchise called Crystal Lake Memories. It’s well worth checking out as it contains an amazing amount of background info on all the films. Great and fun post to read this one! 😊

  2. Awesome post! And I love the tile “XL Spookums Edition”. 😛
    That was a great breakdown of the Friday the 13th movies.
    I’m hoping to squeeze in more horror movies this weekend.

  3. I rewatched Jason goes to Hell recently, hadn’t seen it since it was in theaters! I actually really enjoyed it, great fx and a different type of story altogether…I think that one gets ripped on too much!

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