Watchin’ Stuff #52 REVENGE OF SPOOKUMS!

Well, Halloween does indeed live up to the hype. It doesn’t do anything to re-invent the slasher genre, but it does prove to be a worthy sequel for Michael Myers. It hits so many beats of classic slashers, Carpenter’s original Halloween movies in particular, that at times it almost feels like a remake of the original, but it does enough different and has enough of its own personality that it doesn’t feel like a lazy rehash. It’s definitely a Halloween movie that’s made for people who like Halloween movies. I’d even go as far as to say it’s the best in the series since Carpenter himself had the reins (though it’s not all that hard to top most of the post-Carpenter sequels).

Still a classic, but even though this is supposed to be the serious scary one, looking back on it it’s actually pretty silly. Freddy doesn’t openly appear all that often and these were the early days before everyone knew who he was and what he could do, so he’s a lot more mysterious and I guess that adds to the creep factor in a way.

He wasn’t the joke-cracking trickster we all came to know and love in the later movies yet either, though he was still pretty goofy here. I don’t think it was really intentional in this one though. He doesn’t have very much dialogue at all, but he does giggle constantly almost every time he’s on screen and just does really weird random shit that’s supposed to be scary, but is usually just kind of confusing. Like he’ll stop in the middle of chasing a girl to say “HEY, LOOK AT THIS!”, then cuts off his own fingers and giggles, then immediately resumes the chase. Ok. Sure.

It also has one of those trademark Wes Craven endings that was clearly tacked on after the fact and makes no real sense, yet somehow ends up being memorably enjoyable anyway. That kind of sums the movie up in general, doesn’t always make sense or even follow its own established rules, but still a fun horror classic.

You know what? This one just sucks. It’s always been my least favorite of the original series, but looking back on it now it’s just not a good movie at all. The whole homoerotic undertones thing is certainly unusual, but not the problem with the movie. The problem is that the characters are horribly unlikable and nothing happens during most of the movie. Freddy no longer haunts peoples dreams, instead he suddenly can possess just one dude, which makes everything nearby inexplicably hot. Then he spends most of the movie doing terribly stupid and boring things like making the family’s pet parakeet attack them or their toaster burst into flames.

Freddy doesn’t do much of anything until near the end where he publicly slices up a few people at a party using a bunch of magic powers that he now has in the real world suddenly, then he gets beaten in the end with the power of heterosexual love. It’s a tonally confused mess with very little in the way of horror or impressive effects and the constant whining of the main character and his family take up way too much of the screen time for it to be enjoyable. I’m just going to flat out skip this one in the future.

The third movie is where most people will agree that Freddy really came to life, becoming an openly taunting menace that killed all his victims in completely unique and outlandish ways. This was the beginning of the best days of Freddy for me. As good as the original movie was, I always much preferred the goofy version of Freddy that loved making bad puns into the camera and having a lot of fun while putting people through his horribly elaborate dream-deathtraps.

This counts as horror…right? Nostalgia strikes again, making me want to watch this terrible made-for-TV crap that I thought was amazing in grade school. I haven’t seen it since it was on TV back in the day and oh boy are they bad. I don’t know why I expected anything else from a Disney TV movie from the 80’s. It was just one of those things. There are a few so bad it’s funny moments in the first one, like a breakdancing mummy, but it really should have just ended there. The sequel just draws things out way too long and clearly didn’t know what else to do with the already dumb and limited concept. Oh well.

Another new horror anthology show, Into The Dark’s particular gimmick is that it’s just going to play one movie length episode per month, each dealing with a different holiday theme. I was skeptical about them starting with Halloween and using such a potential-wasting premise like a hitman that needs to dispose of a body as the plot for what should ideally be their most important episode, but it actually turned out pretty well. The ending was a little weak, but it was pretty entertaining for most of the time leading up to it and had some surprisingly violent deaths for a story that didn’t take itself very seriously much of the time.

And finally, still making my way through season three of Daredevil. Man does it start off slow. I was really hoping that NetFlix had learned their lesson and that these shows were all going to be ten episodes now instead of thirteen, but apparently not. On the other hand, the fourth episode was so damn good and things have been picking up ever since, so I guess I’ve already forgiven them.

One comment on “Watchin’ Stuff #52 REVENGE OF SPOOKUMS!

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Halloween. Which is probably going to be as soon as the upcoming saturday😊 All the Netflix Marvel series do seem to be just a tad bit too slow, so trimming them down to fewer episodes would definitely be a good idea. Still..good to hear that it’s picking up and turning good again. Hopefully it stays that way 😊

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