9 comments on “My Top 20 Horror Movies of the 80’s!

  1. Excellent choices. From Beyond was the only I have not seen. I might have snuck in,

    The Shining
    Pet Cemetery
    Day of the Dead
    The Fog

    Going to try to find from beyond.

  2. This is a great and well thought out list. I will be watching a couple of these this next week.

    I do have to shout out a couple more flicks from the 80s!


    The Hidden (more scifi than horror but come on!)
    Street Trash

    Happy Pre-olloween!

  3. Yes, Poltergeist 2 doesn’t get the love it deserves! The less said about the third film though, the better.

    I really do like Hellraiser 2, but I still don’t think it’s a patch on the nastiness of the original. I think it went too far into the absurd direction. Pretty creative though.

  4. Well, this was a great list indeed 😊 I can’t say I have seen all of these movies, but definitely a lot of them! Great to see Prince of Darkness on the list. I really enjoyed that one! Definitely one of my favorite Carpenter flicks as well.
    Have really been enjoying all these Spookums posts! 😀

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