Night of the Emus #23

This more obscure entry in the Shinobi series apparently has a reputation for being the worst entry in the series. I can now safely say that this is absolutely true. What a miserable excuse for a game.

Bad music, ugly art, terrible fighting animations that make it look like you’re just nudging everyone with your elbow, and the characters and background all stutter along as if frames are missing from everything. It was so choppy that it was making my head hurt. Between that and how shitty the combat was, I gave up before I even finished the first level. Just awful.

I’ve never played any of the sequels to Gargoyle’s Quest before. Turns out the sequel is basically just a remake. If this came out today it’d just be called Gargoyle’s Quest Enhanced, because that’s really all it is. It’s supposedly a prequel, but it’s basically the exact same story. It even has the same ending.

Some areas have been slightly changed from the original, but it’s all extremely familiar. There’s a new fireball that creates temporary platforms, the last two major bosses have been changed, and random encounters have been removed, but other than that it’s really just Gargoyle’s Quest all over again. Still a fun game, but a bit redundant. I guess my advice would be to anyone wanting to play this series would be to just skip the first one and go straight to this one.

I had never even heard of this one before, but recently saw an impressive looking video of it on Twitter. It looks and feels like some crazy boss rush version of Gunstar Heroes. You play as some weird bird-headed alien, for reasons given in the intro that are too convoluted to comprehend or explain, but are luckily never mentioned again until the end. The levels are tiny little things that seem to exist only to quickly drop a few health refills between epic boss battles.

Because that’s what the game is really all about, all bosses all the time. 25 whole levels of huge boss battles. The interface is a bit clunky at first, but once you get used to having to regularly switch between four different weapons as each one recharges, switching back and forth between the two different firing modes, and the nice teleportation dash move, you’ll be smacking these bosses around in no time.

Well, maybe not that quickly. It’s a pretty long game for what it is. I had to give my thumbs a break after getting through the first 17 stages. Give it a try if you’re into huge, tough boss battles.

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