Watchin’ Stuff #56

I apologize in advance because frankly I’m going to kind of half-ass this one because this has been a real shit week and I’m just not feeling super wordy right now I guess, but the show must go on…

So Overlord was pretty cool. I kind of wish there were more undead creatures than there were, but the ones they had were very well done at least. Despite the zombie theme, it’s really more of a WW2 action movie at heart than a horror movie. At least it goes heavy on the action though, and it all looks pretty damn good. The plot is pretty simple and there are no real surprises, but if you have any interest in a basic Wolfenstein-ish movie, then this is a pretty good one.

Wife requested these. I’m not usually big into American comedies, but these were pretty funny. Very dumb and ridiculous, yet somehow still effectively comedic. Just good juvenile fun.

This was a strange mess of a movie. I already dislike Marky Mark in general, only bothered checking this one out because Iko Uwais is in it, and Wahlberg is even more annoying than usual here. Instead of his typical movie persona with the charisma of a rock, they decided to make him some unbearable hyperactive autistic asshole who rambles nonstop and is just a horrible, unlikable dick to everyone. As John Malkovich’s character in this very movie even says: “stop monologuing, you bipolar fuck”.

Still…after the first half hour or so it becomes a non-stop brutal action-fest where Marky Mark doesn’t have as many opportunities to babble and it ends up being a pretty enjoyable action movie. Iko Uwais isn’t wasted here either, he gets several great fight scenes among all the other carnage. Overall, not a bad movie as long as you don’t want anything out of it other than mindless destruction.

I appreciate what this horror comedy was trying to do, poking fun at horror movies a bit like a more gore-based version of Scream, but it just didn’t work for me. The jokes weren’t funny and the horror wasn’t in any way creepy. Just a big dud if you ask me.

People weren’t kidding about this being similar to Sudden Death. There are so many similarities that it almost feels like a remake, yet it still ends up having enough of its own style that it doesn’t feel unpleasantly redundant. More fun, mindless violence.

Been meaning to check this one out for a while. Stage Fright is an 80’s Italian horror from Michele Soavi, director of such classics as The Church and Cemetery Man. This one isn’t quite on the same level as those, it’s a pretty basic slasher movie, but it is a pretty gruesome and effective one.

An insane martial arts gore-fest that feels very much like some kind of live action anime. Completely ridiculous and unrealistic, but very entertaining with its many comically violent battles.

And sure, one more action movie. Haywire is a fun action-spy/revenge thriller starring Gina Carano and a bunch of very recognizable others. I didn’t realize until it was over that this was a Steven Soderbergh movie either, though I guess that explains the odd choice of music, which I thought sounded like it belonged in something like Ocean’s 11. Slightly awkward score aside, this was a surprisingly intense movie, full of tense spying, chases, and fights. Gina Carano not only kicks some serious ass, but she also outsmarts all her enemies at every turn, and looks good doing it. Good times.

2 comments on “Watchin’ Stuff #56

  1. I really enjoyed the Jump Street films. They were funny in themselves, but the fact they were so self aware really worked for me.

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