Now Playing: The Way Remastered (Switch)

Do you like Out of This World, Flashback, and Oddworld? Then you’re probably going to love The Way. It takes most of the best elements of classic action-adventure-platformers and brings them back in a way that’s modernized, but also still manages to maintain a nice retro aesthetic.

It also lifts some familiar concepts from those previously mentioned games, like sneaking around in the beginning so you can find your first weapon and being chased around by a large, lumbering cat-beast of some kind, but these homage scenes are the minority and the game still feels fresh and new overall, and not overly derivative.

The Way has you on a quest to try to resurrect your dead wife, first by escaping Earth with her body, and then on a grand quest across multiple alien worlds to find the rumored secret of alien resurrection tech that you’d heard about in your previous careers as space archaeologists. As usual with this kind of game, this is all told through little to no dialogue. It’s really more about the adventure itself than the story, and it is quite an adventure.

While there is a lot of the classic platforming you expect from a game like this, unlike other similar games there’s actually relatively little combat. The Way ends up focusing more on puzzles, and I don’t mean the half-assed kind of puzzles like in the recent The Long Reach where you just run up and down corridors looking for items to use on other items. No, this has actual physics and logic puzzles. Ones with a lot of variety and some very creative design. They’re pretty intuitive for the most part too, minus one or two exceptions that were so obtuse that I had to look up how to operate them, which is all the more impressive considering how little explanation or exposition the game gives you.

Overall, it’s a great little action-adventure-platformer that gives a good seven or so hours of content for a very low price. It looks great, sounds great, plays very well, and has a pretty memorable ending too. Highly recommended.

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