Now Playing: Ghost 1.0 (Switch)

Yet another short budget game for the Switch. Ghost 1.0 is a metroidvania, from the creators of UnEpic, with a bit of an annoying Dark Souls twist added to it. By this I mean whenever you die you lose all your money, except…you can’t get it back. This makes being able to afford upgrades quite annoying. In general, it’s not really a Dark Souls level of difficulty so you won’t be dying THAT much, but it does have some rough bits, especially some areas in the middle that are full of instant death lasers.

On the other hand, it also has a cool mechanic where you can leave your body and possess other nearby robots that you can use for combat or puzzle purposes, and that part of the game is pretty well done. Enemy possession isn’t a particularly new mechanic and I guess this doesn’t really do anything with it that we haven’t all seen before, but at least it does it in a competent manner and some of the puzzles are cleverly designed.

The combat in general is also pretty good, though I can’t help but wish I could have tried out some more of the many different weapons and sub-weapons available for purchase at shops (but I could barely afford to upgrade the ones I had, much less buy a bunch of new ones).

The story is a bit of a mess. I never really cared about any of the characters or their poorly explained motivations. Even after a “shocking” twist at the end, I just felt numb to it all because the characters, plot, and the whole fictional world all feel so flat and thin. Time that would have been better spent on fleshing these things out is mostly wasted on inane personal conversations between the good guy that just go on and on and on with no real point most of the time. Occasionally they’ll try to approach the subject of whether or not machine intelligence is alive and entitled to rights, but they always back away from it before actually making anything resembling an insightful thought on it.

I’d still say I enjoyed the game more than I didn’t, but it’s a game that just kind of…exists. It’s an average-at-best metroidvania and the semi-interesting robot possession mechanic is the only thing that keeps it from being entirely forgettable. It’s a decent amount of fun that’ll keep you busy for a dozen hours or so, and if you can get it on sale for a few bucks that’s not a bad deal at all, but ultimately there are much better games you could get for those few bucks.

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