Night of the Emus #24

Didn’t feel like continuing with the Gargoyle’s Quest or Shinobi series this time. I just had the urge to go back and tackle some near-impossible classics that I had never finished before, starting with Solar Warrior (aka Xain’d Sleena?). I don’t know what it was about this game, I played it once as a kid in an airport or something and never saw it anywhere else again, so I always wanted to go back and play it some more. Last time I tried was without using save states because I was recording it at the time and I just couldn’t do it because it’s beyond unfair even on easy. 

Horribly nasty side-scrolling shooting/platforming where bosses and certain enemy types will just slaughter you with a single touch. You also do some flying shoot-em up missions between ground missions, which are pretty basic, but also painfully difficult and unforgiving.

It’s pretty much impossible without save states, so I wouldn’t exactly recommend it unless you have the same very specific nostalgic itch for it.

Same situation with Trojan, a crusty old Capcom side-scrolling slasher. Crushing difficulty, checkpoints that are a bit too far apart to be fair, and horribly nasty bosses.

If you want to play this game, you might want to stick to the NES version instead. It doesn’t look as pretty, but at least it’s actually beatable.

Now that I’ve finally finished these two games I doubt I’ll ever touch either of them again. They have their moments of fun, but they’re a bit too punishing to ever want to revisit.

Also checked out this lesser-known sequel to the already sort of obscure DJ Boy. I can see why it never took off here in the states. It’s that worst kind of early 90’s pseudo-hip-hop nightmare that seems to have sprung from the same kind of mind that brought us things like the MC Hammer cartoon.

It even has a fancy, high-tech sounding hip-hop soundtrack that seems unusually high quality for a game of its time, at least for a few seconds until you realize every song is just seven second clips on endless loops. It starts getting annoying pretty quickly, actually.

Aside from that it’s a tolerable beat-em-up, I guess. It looks good, but the moves are extremely limited, the enemy variety is pretty low, and it all feels oddly short, as if the game wasn’t quite finished. The game kind of pads itself out by regularly throwing oversized, high health mobs at you that just take forever to defeat.

Again, it was alright to play once, but I doubt I’d ever touch it again. Oh well, better luck next time…

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