The Vita Report #9

Finally got around to playing the infamous Undertale. I’d say that most of what people say about it is true. Everything about it is so meticulously designed in such unexpected ways. It’s all so weird, unpredictable, and charming.

I liked it enough that after finishing the pacifist route to get the true ending, I started right over again to do the genocide route, which was an interesting spin on “forcing” you to replay the game that made some pretty big changes to the game. Unfortunately, the game defeated me in the end of that genocide run. The final boss in that version of the game is one of the nastiest bosses I’ve ever faced. The internet tells me that if I just keep practicing for another 8 hours or so I’ll have memorized his patterns enough to win! No thanks…moving on.

While this looks very much like a Metroidvania (and plays pretty similarly to one) the game’s description insists that it’s not, it’s actually a tribute to old Amiga action-platformers and such. There’s not a great deal of difference other than it feeling like a less polished Metroidvania. 

Most areas are locked behind keys instead of new character abilities, enemies and combat are very repetitive and basic, and the bosses are pretty disappointing and clunky. It wasn’t terrible, but I wouldn’t exactly recommend it. There are so many better games like this out there.

Another M.C. Escher inspired puzzler, and another PS Plus free game, this one didn’t do it for me though.

Nice visual style, but the gameplay just consists of you rotating the level over and over again until your ball falls into the right spot. Sometimes you just sit there holding the rotate button until you win and that’s just not fun. It’s all so slow moving too. Just not for me.

I’m guessing this was another free one too. I don’t even remember getting this, but hey SPACE OVERLORDS, that sounds cool, huh?

Nah. This is a bargain bin phone arcade action game that just looks and feels so shoddy that I deleted it after about five minutes. I know they usually like to give out pretty questionable games for the free Vita titles of the month, but this one was especially bad.

I don’t usually bother with games like this, though I have heard good things about this series, but again…free game of the month, so I thought why not try it? Yeah…this isn’t for me either.

Nice looking animation, but I’m just not into these visual novel games. If I want to watch an anime I’ll watch an anime, and when I do it probably won’t be one where everyone just stands around talking for hours.

And then I decided to finally move on to Suikoden 2. The first one was a nice surprise and this one seemed to be more of the same. I really liked the visual style and animation in the combat scenes. Everything else about it was pretty standard JRPG stuff though, except the army strategy scenes, which I felt were actually worse than they were in the first one.

The big thing about this series though is the huge amount of characters you can recruit, with one of the big goals being to recruit every single “star” in the world. That’s what I was trying to do again until almost half way through the game it turned out that I had permanently missed one of two or three permanently missable characters because I somehow missed talking to a single character in a town that no longer existed like fifteen hours back. It was at this point that I decided to ragequit the game. Fuck youuuuuu Suikoden! 

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