Armageddonquest (1997)

Here’s one I’d almost forgotten about entirely. Armageddonquest is an obscure as fuck comic from the 90’s that I only came upon by complete accident at a comic store one day. I had never heard of it and have only ever heard a single person since then mention it. I just saw this special package of three complete paperback collections together for one low price, a mature readers only warning sticker on it, and some pretty satanic looking cover art, so me being the pseudo-satanic little goth shit that I was, had to have it.

Once I got home I was surprised to see how much weirder this story was than I expected. It tells the tale of Tazio, who is supposedly the literal antichrist, but has no interest in fulfilling his prophesied role in history. Along the way he meets angels, demons, satanic cults, an ancient crystal computer in the form of a goat head, his own evil past life self, and more. Everyone wants to teach him something or control him, which leads to some really bizarre explorations of religion, mortality, and sexuality.

Hell, even the friendly mentor that he mostly likes is a being called Ulfae who changes with the moon into an angelic woman, a wise man, a beastly caveman, and even a demon with an entirely separate agenda that may also have been manipulating everything across centuries.

It’s an incredibly weird and convoluted story, and it’s also a rather graphic one. There is violence, though nothing particularly shocking, but mostly there is a shitload of sexual encounters sprinkled throughout the story, and very few of them are what I’d call normal. There’s an unhealthy dose of rape and incest in here, and yet…this is not actually a porn comic and somehow this content doesn’t feel as uncomfortable as it normally would. I typically am not at all comfortable with rapey stuff in stories, but oddly, it doesn’t feel as offensive here.

Maybe it’s the way it’s the non-violent way this content is presented or maybe it’s the cartoonish art style that kind of resembles 70’s manga or something that dulls the effect. I don’t know. It’s hard to explain. It’s certainly not the kind of thing too many people are going to be comfortable reading though, which I suspect explains how obscure these things have remained.

Anyway, the bad news is the cheaply made old paperbacks I have seem to be falling apart and won’t be of much use to me after this. The good news is apparently you can now read the entire series for free legitimately from the creator’s website. So if you’re one of the very small handful of people who actually want to read this comic after what I’ve just told you, here you go:

You can read and/or download the entire 900 page Armageddonquest epic here for free!

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