Who wants some Starriors Mini-Comics?

Most people have probably forgotten Starriors, the short-lived robot toy line from the early 80’s. I only had one or two of the things myself, but I always loved the design. Tomy always did know how to make really cool looking robot toys.

Anyway, these things also came with cool mini-comics, as was often the case for early 80’s toys, and I always wanted to read those damn things again. Some more popular toy lines have their mini comics online, or in the case of the ultra-popular Masters of the Universe, even got a fancy hardcover re-release. I never could find those Starriors ones again though…at least until now.

I finally just said fuck it and bought them all on eBay. Not only that, but I’ve also scanned them all so now they can spread all over the internet…to the ten people who actually want these things. Oh well!

I’ve touched up the faded colors a bit, did a little restoration on some physical defects, and sharpened up the images a bit so they don’t look all pixelated when blown up (since the original pages are very small). They’re in CBR format, which is really just a RAR file that’s been renamed to open more easily in CDisplay. You can read them in there or in any other comic reading app, or you can just open the files up with WinRAR/WinZip/etc if you just want the images for whatever reason.

Feel free to share these as you like, as long as you aren’t going to try to take credit for creating them. You literally can’t get these anywhere else on the internet, so enjoy.

Download Starriors Mini-Comic #1

Download Starriors Mini-Comic #2

Download Starriors Mini-Comic #3

Download Starriors Mini-Comic #4

Download Starriors Mini-Comic #5

Download Starriors Mini-Comic #6

7 comments on “Who wants some Starriors Mini-Comics?

  1. Thanks for taking the time to scan all these and share them, they’re great. I’d heard of Starriors but haven’t come across any ads yet. Is it okay if I use a few images for a post on my site please? It’s a non-revenue archive and ad-free, and of course I’ll give full image credit to you and link back to your site. Best, Ford, TVTA.

  2. Mathew Robert Ignash says:

    Keep up the good work. I’m using these comic as a reference for the biographies I am writing on Starriors on WikiAlpha.

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