ManTech Mini-Comic

ManTech was an even lesser known and more short-lived toy line than Starriors, which is a little strange considering how similar they were to the way more popular Centurions that came out a few years later.

ManTech was actually even more modular than Centurions, letting you not just switch around the weapons and armor of each character, but entire body parts as well.

I only ever had one of these things back in the day and they only ever made the one mini-comic, and it’s definitely not as well made as the Starriors ones, but I just felt like reading the damn thing again, so here it is.

Same deal as last time: I’ve touched up the faded colors a bit, did a little restoration on some physical defects, and sharpened up the images a bit so they don’t look all pixelated when blown up (since the original pages are very small). They’re in CBR format, which is really just a RAR file that’s been renamed to open more easily in CDisplay. You can read them in there or in any other comic reading app, or you can just open the files up with WinRAR/WinZip/etc if you just want the images for whatever reason.

Feel free to share these as you like, as long as you aren’t going to try to take credit for creating them. You literally can’t get these anywhere else on the internet, so enjoy. (and yes, the title of the story really is “SEIGE OF THE ROBOTS!”)

Download ManTech Mini-Comic #1

I think I’d like to check out the mini comics of Robo Force next, but those are going to take a bit more time to track down. Maybe I’ll find something else in the meantime? Who knows?

One comment on “ManTech Mini-Comic

  1. Another cool post. Didn’t know about this toy line.

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