Practice Platformer in Gamemaker Studio 2 – Conclusion and beyond…

Where do I even begin with this one? Quite a few changes, tutorials all finished, many post-tutorial changes…so many things I can’t even remember them all off the top of my head. Let’s just start at the beginning and go from there.

Final changes in the last parts of the tutorial series

  • Added an ending scene
  • Added horizontal and vertical gun recoil, but didn’t like how the horizontal recoil felt so just left in the vertical which ended up turning into a cool gun-boosted high jump ability
  • Added new and improved effect for bullets hitting walls
  • Proper fullscreen mode
  • Tightened up various little things like sign reading and animation flipping for when you’re looking one way and firing/moving another way

That was about all there was left of the tutorials, but I wanted to fix up a lot of things on my own before making this post. Primarily, the situations with the gun/gun pickups and the controls were a huge mess. The tutorial series was very helpful and I’m grateful, but man, there’s some big cleaning up to do on these fronts. The way the guns had been setup was that you had no gun by default and had to get one by picking it up. Sounds cool, but this meant that every time you died you’d lose your gun and if there wasn’t another gun pickup available in the room you were in, well, that’s it the game’s pretty much broken and over. You could try to work around this by turning back on the old system that would give you a gun automatically on every subsequent room, but with the gun pickup this now resulted in you having multiple gun instances spawning on top of each other. It was a tangled mess and the whole system had to be reworked. Now it’s back to you having your same default gun at all times and the pickups now give you a 3-way shot, which you lose if you die, but you’ll respawn with your basic gun again at least.

As for the controls, I don’t know what he was thinking. There was keyboard/mouse controls for all gameplay, controller support added for most gameplay controls, but not all for some reason.  Keyboard support for the menu, but no controller support, and it would use the arrow keys instead of the WASD for movement like the gameplay did. Sign reading controls went from right mouse button to the W key, which still left no way to read signs on the controller. There were also mouse controls with an invisible cursor for the menu and those would lock you out of the keyboard/controller menu controls when used. Lot of cleaning up to do there, but it’s mostly all sorted out now. Only problem left is the lack of thumbstick control on the menu, which is a pain in the ass to set up apparently (but I’ll get it in there someday). Menu control with the controller has to be done with the D-Pad for now.

Ah, what else?

  • Changed some level design elements a bit
  • Did a little work on the ending to add a weird little final scene to it
  • Added in a brief credits sequence and disclaimer sequence in the beginning
  • Added a little mouse pointer that appears if you’re using mouse/keyboard so you can have a better feel for aiming in that mode
  • Added a cheap little boss fight at the end just to add a dash of finality to it
  • Also added music just to see how that worked and what it would be like. These are original loops that I cut and edited from some crappy old songs I did a long, long time ago (but they did have a few good bits to use). Probably not quite the way the music direction will go in the future, but it’ll do for placeholder purposes. Probably some other small changes I’m forgetting too.

The biggest changes are probably: I decided that I’m going to continue working on this project and turn it into an actual game. This project is now named GOREVOIDa name I was pretty surprised to found not taken by anything else. I think it has an appropriately retro/extreme sound to it and is pretty fitting for the theme of the game.

You can find future information about GOREVOID at the new GOREVOID.COM, along with a download link for the GOREVOID PROTOTYPE DEMO if you’d like to try this thing out for yourself.

Also, surprise, I figured I should probably go ahead and attach my real name to this for copyright purposes so…now you know. No reason to be Richenbaum anymore I guess. Oh well!

You probably won’t be hearing a whole lot more from me here anymore. Major updates will be announced at GOREVOID.COM and will probably be pretty infrequent as the process of turning this into a real, full-fledged game is probably going to take a few years. So…seeya there I guess.

Practice Platformer in Gamemaker Studio 2 – Part 4

Oh boy. A lot of little additions this time, but one or two big ones as well. Let’s see…

  • Added a placeholder title to the title screen, though still have no idea what this will eventually actually be called
  • Added ability to operate menu with mouse
  • Enemies now have the ability to detect and avoid ledges
  • Player’s gun is now a pickup object
  • Small animated effects added to ground when landing and bullets when hitting walls
  • New breakable blocks (excuse the incredibly half-assed look/animation on those right now (even more half-assed than a lot of the other half-assed stuff in here)

And then there’s the biggest, most obvious change…the fact that the enemies now have guns, can track and kill you with them, and…their guns are basically big pulsating dicks. I’m not sorry.

Following the tutorial exactly had them carrying the same kind of gun as the player, but by complete chance it ended up positioned exactly on their groin area so it kind of looked like they had guns for dicks. Naturally I thought “what if they DID have dick guns?!” and so I made a little animated…appendage. It doesn’t look explicitly like a dick, but let’s face it, it’s a gun dick. The accompanying sound effect really seals the deal too.

Had another snag that was causing the game to crash due to some code in the “enemies having guns” parts, despite the fact that I definitely followed the tutorial exactly, but was able to fix it on my own without too much panic this time, so I guess I’m really getting the hang of this.

I don’t know quite know where this game is going yet, aside from the obvious side-scrolling shooter genre, but it’s gettin’ weird! Weird and fun. I’m still not quite sure how far I’ll take this particular project after the tutorials are all done, but I know that at the very least I’ll spend some extra time on it afterwards to tighten a few things up, change a few mechanics that I don’t really like, but don’t want to change until the tutorials are done in case they end up being important later, and probably fix a few of the more rushed sprites/animations in there. Though even thinking about all the changes I have in mind makes me think that this might turn into something more than the dumb practice demo I thought it would be when I started…

E3 Madness

Ok, I might have gone a little overboard with the collector’s edition pre-orders. While there weren’t a ton of new and exciting games revealed at E3 this year (which I’m fine with, I can’t keep up as it is), the few they had were pretty exciting.

I had already pre-ordered the nice looking Death Stranding one about a week earlier:

Then the big one I was waiting for E3 to reveal was the Doom Eternal set. Another must-have:

I know the helmet probably won’t even fit on my huge head, but it still looks damn cool and there are actually a few other cool items in here too.

I figured that would be the end of it, and that’s already going to be one expensive month with them both coming out in November, but dammit, I’ve found myself thinking about that Final Fantasy VII Remake one too…

My first reaction was “that looks great”, but then I looked closer and saw that this was an action figure instead of a statue and the price tag is a whopping $330. That’s fucking expensive for one of these things, especially for just an action figure, and especially considering this isn’t even the full game and it’s probably already going to cost something like $180-240 for the full set of games in this remake.

I did some research on these Kai Play Arts figures though and apparently they’re pretty fancy and expensive. Similar Final Fantasy figures by them go for about $160 without the vehicle and they had put put out a similar figure of Cloud and a bike, both based on the Advent Children version that went for $330 itself, so…I guess this isn’t as bad a deal as it seemed? Ah hell. I just want that damn thing and I’ll have a new job long before March 2020 so fuck it, right? Just try not to think about how they’ll probably put one of these expensive collector’s editions out for every single part of the remake…ugh.

Anyway…anyone else make any crazy E3 pre-orders?


Can we just talk about how terrible the writing in Days Gone is for a second?

It’s funny, because I finished this game a good month or so ago, yet I still find myself thinking about just how bad the writing was, so I guess you’re just going to have to hear me complain about it a bunch so I can stop being annoyed by it in my head! Probably some mild spoilers to be seen here, though honestly I don’t think anyone is going to have any surprises ruined for them by anything said/shown here since every single aspect of the plot is so painfully predictable.

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