Practice Platformer in Gamemaker Studio 2 – Part 4

Oh boy. A lot of little additions this time, but one or two big ones as well. Let’s see…

  • Added a placeholder title to the title screen, though still have no idea what this will eventually actually be called
  • Added ability to operate menu with mouse
  • Enemies now have the ability to detect and avoid ledges
  • Player’s gun is now a pickup object
  • Small animated effects added to ground when landing and bullets when hitting walls
  • New breakable blocks (excuse the incredibly half-assed look/animation on those right now (even more half-assed than a lot of the other half-assed stuff in here)

And then there’s the biggest, most obvious change…the fact that the enemies now have guns, can track and kill you with them, and…their guns are basically big pulsating dicks. I’m not sorry.

Following the tutorial exactly had them carrying the same kind of gun as the player, but by complete chance it ended up positioned exactly on their groin area so it kind of looked like they had guns for dicks. Naturally I thought “what if they DID have dick guns?!” and so I made a little animated…appendage. It doesn’t look explicitly like a dick, but let’s face it, it’s a gun dick. The accompanying sound effect really seals the deal too.

Had another snag that was causing the game to crash due to some code in the “enemies having guns” parts, despite the fact that I definitely followed the tutorial exactly, but was able to fix it on my own without too much panic this time, so I guess I’m really getting the hang of this.

I don’t know quite know where this game is going yet, aside from the obvious side-scrolling shooter genre, but it’s gettin’ weird! Weird and fun. I’m still not quite sure how far I’ll take this particular project after the tutorials are all done, but I know that at the very least I’ll spend some extra time on it afterwards to tighten a few things up, change a few mechanics that I don’t really like, but don’t want to change until the tutorials are done in case they end up being important later, and probably fix a few of the more rushed sprites/animations in there. Though even thinking about all the changes I have in mind makes me think that this might turn into something more than the dumb practice demo I thought it would be when I started…

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