Finally getting around to game development?

Here’s a quick look at a game project I’ve started working on. This is just something I’m doing as I follow along a long tutorial series by Shaun Spaulding for Gamemaker Studio 2. though I have deviated a bit from the lessons a bit by adding my own hand drawn characters and animations (which are pretty dam basic, buuuuut I am a little proud of that death animation). It’s nice that the characters being so small helps cover up the fact that I can’t draw for shit. I do like how this is turning out though. Once this is all finished I’ll make the whole “game” available here or I suppose just some more videos since it probably won’t actually be as fun to play as it is to make.

When this is all over I’d like to finally get off my ass and start on the first serious project of my own though and I’d like to think that posting about it here will give me some kind of incentive to keep working on this and said future project. At this point it seems likely that you’ll be seeing a lot more posts like this and little to none of the old kind of post, which frankly I’ve pretty much lost all interest in at this point. I feel like the time could be better spent on working on stuff like this, so…hope you enjoy this little taste of things to come.