The ABC’s of Music #1 – A is for Aaron Spectre and more…

Welcome to a new series of posts, one where I alphabetically ramble about all the different music I like. I like quite a few things, so this may take several years, but oh well!

I warn you now, some of the bands that’ll be featured here are going to be extremely NSFW. I leave it to your common sense to determine which is which, but I’d like to think that you can figure out on your own that you probably shouldn’t press play to something with a title like Infant Annihilator while at work or in front of your elderly parents. It’s not all going to be stuff like that, but there will be a pretty healthy (unhealthy?) dose mixed in there, so WATCH OUT!

Just to be extra clear in that regard, I DO NOT share the beliefs or opinions of many, if any, bands that will be featured over the course of this. I do not endorse cannibalism, Satanism, misogyny, vampirism, or any other such thing that some of the more gruesome bands I like might sing about. To be honest, some of this stuff I can’t even read the lyrics to because it’s too gross even for me, but I haven’t really gone out of my way to read the lyrics to a song since high school. I’m just there for the good music and usually the stuff with the most graphic lyrics is the stuff whose vocals are completely incomprehensible anyway.

So anyway, maybe you’ll end up learning about some great new bands here or maybe you’ll end up un-following me because of some of the disgusting filth I listen to, but either way, I’M NOT GONNA STOP!

Now, let’s begin with…

A is for Aaron Spectre!

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Favorite games from every year of my life – Part 1

Yes, it’s another one of those posts. No, I was not invited or challenged, deal with it. Yes, I am so old that I have to break this up into multiple parts, but OH WELLLLLLLL! Now on with the self-explanatory show…

These first few entries will be pretty brief since I was busy spending the first few years of the 80’s learning to walk and use a toilet and such. I did have a cousin with an Atari 2600 and a huge pile of games though, so I really did play these early ones, just not in the actual years of their release.


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