Now Reading: Annihilator (2015)

I don’t usually bother to write about such short stories, but this one left such an impression on me that I felt the need to immediately discuss it. Annihilator is a story about a writer, Ray Spass, who is dying of a brain tumor and trying to finish his last and greatest work about a devilish sci-fi anti-hero and deal with his hidden feelings of guilt over his failed relationship. Or…Annihilator is a story about a devilish sci-fi anti-hero, Max Nomax who has beamed his volatile memories into the mind of an Earth writer for safekeeping, as part of his latest mad escape plan. Or..Annihilator is a commentary on the perils of fame and/or the entertainment business, and the nature of life, and…maybe all just a weird sci-fi religious allegory too? Or…Annihilator is a story about all of these things…or none of them? Continue reading